The beginning of my love for fashion

When I was younger, nobody really seemed to care about their clothing. Kids just wore anything because they were too busy playing. But when you get older, it starts to become an issue. People look at you and judge you because of what you wear.

It all started on Christmas. My parents had given me a box-like present. I opened it, and from then on, my life changed. I became a fashionista. I’ve always had an eye for fashion, but when I received the American Girl’s Smart Girls Guide To Style, I really wanted to wear matching, pretty things. It started my interest in fashion.

I’m kind of glad I went to public school for one year. I saw other people’s clothing and decided how much I wanted to look like them. They even gave me some ideas of my own. They made me try harder to wear things that look good and match. One girl did her hair in a style every day. Braids, ponytails, pigtails, and even a few of her own styles, like a braid bun. I now try to do my hair every day, and today my style is a braid along the side of my dirty blonde hair.

Fashion for some people is just a hobby, and for me, that’s what it was for a long time. Then, I became more into it. Now, I live for fashion. .

I think fashion is more then just throwing on whatever shirt or shorts are clean. It’s your inner self. I use fashion to express myself. Nobody should judge or make fun of people’s clothing. As long as they like it, it shouldn’t matter what other people think.

What really inspires me is what people from other countries wear. I like seeing how fancy their clothes can be, and comparing how it’s different from mine. I think we can learn from each other’s ideas in fashion. If we see an outfit we like at school, on vacation, at church, or even the grocery market, we can go back home and recreate the outfit with our own clothing.


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