“Fashion Camp”

I thought it would be cool to do a weeklong fashion camp, per-say.  It lasts a week, and it’s on this blog, and it would be for you (and me, in a way), to experience more through fashion. When you read this everyday, you will have easy “homework”, if you will.

   It’s also about clearing out your closet and finding new things to try stuff with. I highly recommend keeping paper and pencil near by to record what is missing and needed in the closet.

    Every day there will be a certain theme. One day might be green. Take EVERYTHING that is green out of your closet and set it down somewhere. The main point of this is to help pick an all green outfit, but choose different shades of green so that it isn’t too boring. Then choose one color accessory, piece of jewelry, anything, that is a different burst of color to help the outfit come alive.

    Hope you come back for more!


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