Day One

Today is quick and easy, just observe your outfit and take notes

 Do you see any scarves? High boots? Skinny jeans? If not, you might want to purchase some. An easy outfit for fall might be an over large warm, fuzzy sweater, plain jeans, tall boots, and a scarf. Try something involving a scarf, as they are simple but so elegant. Any color, but look for fall colors, like deep reds, oranges, light browns, and yellows, think leaf colors. If you want more clever ways to tie it, look at my other recent post about scarves.  You might be thinking I over-use scarves, but they are the easiest accessories, just put it on and go, plus, they complete the fall outfit.

    Make the outfit simple, with maybe a dark shirt and light scarf, or other way around. Choose a simple scarf with two blended colors or one light or dark color. One outfit I came up with is a white tank and button up lacey white sweater, with jeans or leggings, a white and light brown sweater, tall brown boots, and to top it off, silver earrings.

   For a finale touch, maybe wear some sort of hat, like a fall-ish beanie or newsboy hat. You’re lookin’ good!  Happy Fall! 


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