Day Four: Digging in your closet

Today’s theme: digging in your closet. Find something you haven’t worn in a long time and pair it up with something unexpected. This helps you with wearing outfits and styles you wouldn’t normally wear, like eating an unusual food. I guess, in a way, you could call it “expanding your palette in fashion”. By the phrase, “digging in your closet”, I mean finding things you might not even remember even owning. Try to twist the outfit by combining another color or pattern that just goes. Think color wheel: dark pinks and light blues, powdery purples and Easter-ish yellows. Image

This was my casual church outfit. The dress and jeans are both from Old Navy and the flats are from Target. The gray dress is actually last year’s Christmas dress that I wore with a gray flower bow. Now it isn’t long enough for a dress, but it still fits as a blouse. The belt goes perfectly with the flats and adds another thing to look at, another pop of color. White, gray, and black go with everything.


Last but not least, the braid my mother did. There you have it. A perfect fall outfit with clothing I haven’t worn in a long time. Still in style.

 Anyway, if you have any vintage clothing, try that out as an outfit. Go beyond your comfort zone! I don’t mean the vintage-modern clothing they make now. I mean the good old fashioned pearls and purses.



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