Day Five: Accessories

Today’s theme is accessories and how to make them come together to match. Have you ever seen people trying too hard, with bangles, bracelets, earrings, and a necklace? Once again, everything must be evenly balanced. Obviously, the accessories’s color has to match the outfit, right? Well, say the outfit is made of two colors (my favorite colors), pink and blue. But do you already have blue earrings? Try a pink scarf. Or, a pink and blue headband.

Must haves: every color earrings. Purple earrings, red earrings, pink–just so you can have more options. Handbags and earrings can often be found at thrift stores.


I got this stylish pink fedora at Children’s Place. It goes with most of my stuff.

Okay, here is one thing I am in love with: scarves and headbands. Scarves are involved in many of my outfits. But headbands are easy. If you are in a rush but you really want an accessory, just grab a headband! They go with outfits, if you have the right color. Some headbands have designs or puffy flowers on the ends. Some headbands might be too small. Headbands always hurt my head and after awhile I need to take them off.


Just the other day we were at Target. I went to the girl’s clothing section because I had a gift card. I looked in the clearance section and found some cute flower hair bows And I found a sparkly black newsboy cap that I am in love with.


Anyway, find a cute accessory. This will be my last post on the day one day two idea. It’s hard to write a post everyday. Hoped this helped!!!












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