Falling Leaves Project

Here’s another cool project you can try. You’ll need a straw, some ink, and some watercolor and acrylic paints, and paper. First, using a a brush, take blue watercolor paint. Paint white for clouds, and light blue on the whole rest of the paper. Let it dry. Then draw a long brown trunk somewhere on the page. It can be wavy, straight….it doesn’t matter. Draw the beginning of a branch. Then, take an eyedropper and squirt a little blob of ink by the tiny stem of a branch. Using the straw, blow the ink blob all over to make a branch (no, you won’t inhale the ink unless you breathe out). Keep doing this. The ink will make wavy branches all over. Let the ink dry. Then, take a small brush and dab red, green, yellow, and orange acrylic paint on the dryed ink. Why acrylic? It makes a cool texture. Here are some examples of the project.



As you can see, the ink goes all over. You can also make leaves falling down into a pile at the bottom. Enjoy this simple project!


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