Into the Spotlight: Denise W.

I’m interested in photography. It never grows old. That’s why I took the time to interview Denise W., a photographer, to ask her to share her photography experiences with me. Although Denise isn’t a fashion photographer, fashion is very important in photography.



Q: In fashion photography, what do you think is important to make the picture it’s best?

A: A person has to be thoughtful on what they want to be photographed in. The color the person chooses to be photographed in should compliment their hair color and complexion to make the picture its best. But it’s not just about the color; it’s also about pattern and texture as well as style.


Q: Why do you like photography?

A: It allows me to be my most creative. I love going back and looking at what I’ve done. I like the process of taking the picture, and then putting it on the computer and looking at it and making it the best I can with editing tools. First and foremost, I love how my creativity comes out from taking a picture.


Q: What do you photograph most?

A: The most of my photography is travel photography. Why I like that so much is because I’m discovering: I’m discovering new places, people, and food. Whenever I travel it’s like a whole new experience for me, and each place is unique in its own way.


Q: Some places you’ve traveled include Turkey, Paris, Rome, and Ireland. Out of these, which are your favorites and why?

A: It’s hard to pick a favorite; they’re all so different. But my favorites would have to be Paris and Rome. I loved planting myself in these cities and exploring what each had to offer.


Q: Did you notice different fashion styles in the places you’ve visited?

A: Yes, definitely. European urban fashion is different than typical American fashion.

Q: Could you give an example?

A: I don’t know how to say it, but to me, from head to toe, they seem to be more fashion-conscious and thoughtful about what they wear. For example, their use of hats, scarves, jewelry, and footwear are things that made the impression on me.

Q: After traveling to different places, did their clothing make you think more on what you wear?

A: For Rome, yes it did. I find myself being a little more thoughtful since then; I find when I get dressed to go out, I think more about what I’m picking out, whether it is boots, or a scarf. I’m defiantly more conscious of what I wear.


Q: To make the picture turn out best, what do you have to think about for a detailed picture vs. a more general picture? Does one require more thought? Describe what you have to think about when you’re about to take a picture.

A: When I want to take a picture, whether it’s a person, or an old church, I like to view what I’m photographing from many angles; I walk around it, I look at what the background will be, because the background isn’t as important as what I’m photographing, and I don’t want it to take away from the picture. I also have to consider the lighting conditions; the time of day is pretty important. Sometimes I’ll just try to work on angles. There are a lot of other things to consider before taking the picture, but those are the main things.

Q: Thank for your time!

A: You’re welcome! Thank you for asking me to participate in this interview. I love the photography journey that I’m on.


Want to see some of Denise’s photos? Go to



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