Project Runway

Today was the fashion show for a program that I’m in called Project Runway. Project Runway is held at a local liabary. The main idea of the program is to create an outfit inspired by a book. I sewed a dress inspired loosely from the book Ella Enchanted by Gail Carson Levine.
The dress took a lot of work: First I had to draw the dress on paper, then buy fabric and the other things I would need, like a pattern. Than I had to cut out the pattern, iron the pattern, wash the fabric, iron the fabric, cut out the fabric, start the long process of pinning and sewing, and then trying the dress on and hemming it. I have to thank my mother for helping me with all this. Yesterday was full of mad sewing to finish the dress.

One of the biggest problems was the side of the dress. The pattern (for some strange reason) did not include the side piece (otherwise known as the bodice) and therefore resulted in my mother taking a scrap of fabric and cutting it out to fit me.

As for my hair, I wanted a braid, maybe French or Fishtail, but my mother disagreed. Since the outfit is related to a ballroom scene in Ella Enchanted, Mom said a high bun would look best.

The actual bun was easy for the hairdresser in the sense that I have a lot of hair, and the big poufy braid bun couldn’t be made with thin hair. The result:


The braid bun (above)

A veiw of the flowers and sash (below)


The back of the dress (below)


Me sewing (below)


Me sewing (below and above)



A closer picture of the flowers and my mother sewing (above)


My nails (above)

The idea of a fashion show excitied me, but I wasn’t too sure about actually being on the “catwalk” aka different colored lightbulbs lighting a path. I hoped that I would look like a real model, but I was as stiff as a board and my legs felt like Jello. Once my turn down the catwalk was over, I enjoyed watching the other girls parading in their outfits, and it was like going to a real fashion show.

I really enjoyed Project Runway because I got to meet other kids that liked designing and sewing, and since I want to be a designer when I grow up, I was able to enjoy my passion of sewing and then modeling the outfit with others.

I really love getting comments. Please share what you have to say!

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