Coffee Filter Snowflakes


Hi Freckled Fashionistas! I’ve got a cool craft for you guys…Coffee Filter Snowflakes. You can hang them all over the house or tape them to the windows. It’s great to make with kids. If you are a coffee drinker and you have some coffee filters lying around, this is an even better craft! You’ll need tons of coffee filters– more than you would think. I used around 100.

You will need:

Coffee Filters


Flatten out your coffee filter and fold it in half, like so: image


Then fold it in half again, so it should look like this:


I normally fold mine another time, and then I start cutting. If you want your snowflake to be small, cut off a reasonable amount off the top. Then start hacking at your snowflake: triangles, slivers, hearts, squares, and tiny little cuts. You should end up with a thin piece of coffee filter. Unfold it carefully, and you’ll end up with a wonderful snowflake!

Merry Christmas!













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