Things I’m Loving, Valentine’s Edition and Blizzard

Hello Fellow Fashionistas,

For now, I don’t know how to sew, so most of my designs have to be drawn or made on Polyvore. I’m taking lessons on sewing sometime in Febuary at Joann’s, but for now….anyway, speaking of Polyvore, I wanted to share a set with you guys that I just made. Acutally, two…



I called this Things I’m Loving On Tuesday Valentine’s Edition. Long title, huh? All things pink, as you can see…a tulle skirt, perfume, lip gloss, pumps, a coat, and a bangle make up this set.



Ah, yes. Leggings, a good book, hot cocoa, slippers…couldn’t be a better plan for cold weather. I actually made this yesterday before the blizzard struck (or lack there of. We hardly got any snow). I called it My Cozy Plan For The Blizzard. How much snow did you guys get? Or did you get any?



P.S. If you liked the sets or other sets I’ve posted in the past, check me out! My username is awesomeabby08.



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