What do you want to see on my blog?


Hello Fellow Fashionistas! As you guys are my followers, I want to know what you look for in blogs.

What kinds of things do you like reading about? What do you not like about my blog? What kinds of projects should I write about next? What sorts of contests should I have? How often should I post? You can tell me by leaving a comment. If you don’t know, look below.


Click on the post–the title. Scroll down the page.


Type in your comment.


Fill in your email.


Then your first name.

Then post! It will say “website”, but you don’t have to type that in. If you would rather send your feedback to me privately without anybody seeing it, you can send me a message in Ask Abi (it’s on the bar.) Can’t wait for your feedback!







One thought on “What do you want to see on my blog?

  1. i enjoy seeing your drawings, your creativity. i also enjoy the ‘ensembles’ you create in polyvore(?). in the past, you also posted images of outfits you created for yourself with what you have; those were helpful to me in creating ‘outfits’ for myself.

    have you ever written about ‘what’s trending’? maybe pick something, like scarves, boots, hats or any item that’s popular at the moment & feature a post, complete with pictures, & write about it.

    what’s the age demographic of your followers? could you present a blog series that creates ‘looks’ for women in each decade, from tweenies to 80-somethings? man, that would be crazy! but interesting!

    that’s it for now. xoxo


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