Project Runway Part Two


Hi Fellow Fashionistas! On Wednesday we had our second Project Runway meeting at the library. I spent the WHOLE time cutting all the tulle that I had. Once I got home, I started working on the tulle skirt–or, at least, the front of it. I ran out of tulle because it’s so puffy. image

Each tulle strip had to be cut in the same width and size, which takes even longer. image

My bedroom was COVERED in tulle strips.


It was super fun to make the tulle knots.


The hard work paid off! I now have a have puffy tulle skirt! I tried to make it long enough so it won’t be considered a “tutu”, although everybody is telling me that since it’s pink, and it’s glittery, and it’s made with tulle, that makes it a tutu.


I’m in love with it nonetheless. I wanted it to look like cotton candy, since it’s inspired by the book The Candymakers by Wendy Mass, and it has a very whimsical feel that I adore.

I have to go back to Joann’s soon and buy more tulle for the back of the skirt, and some stretchy bright yellow fabric for the tank top. And more embellishments. Not only will it look great with the tank top down the runway, it will also look awesome with fancy sandals, a cute top, and a denim jacket. What do you think of the skirt? Would you call it a tutu?


P.S. If you missed the Project Runway Part One post, be sure to check it out!

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      1. Thank you! I probably won’t post about it, since I recently did a post about the Daydreamer award, but thanks for nominating me!


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