Sewing Machine Troubles Again??

Hello sewing friends,

Hopefully one of you can help me today! My machine is driving me to the point of insanity, especially since I’ve been getting ready to sew my Fancy Tiger Crafts shirt. Something is so messed up with it! I’ve fixed tension, cleaned lint, threaded and re threaded my bobbin, fixed everything I could and still it’s not working right!


This side is perfect (shown above).


The other side…not so much. My machine manual said this was a tension problem, so I fixed the tension and it still wasn’t working.

I tried some of the tips in this video and it worked for all of thirty seconds.

This video was helpful, but none of it’s tips worked. Eventually, I put my machine away and then took it out a couple hours later and took it apart trying to figure out what was wrong. Still no luck, so I put it away for the day.

I’ve had the machine for almost a year now. It’s pratically new, I didn’t use it that often, so maybe I’m doing something wrong or maybe it’s just made wrong and messed up. It’s funny watching me sew, the whole time I’m saying, “Come on machine, work, and then one day I’ll be famous and say you were the best machine ever!” 😅 When it doesn’t work, I go kind of crazy and tell people my machine doesn’t like me.

I really don’t want to take it to a sewing machine fixer person if I can help it, so I want to try everything I can. Do you guys have any advice?? Please tell me quickly before I pull my hair out, or else I won’t get to sew the Fancy Tiger Craft top, and guess what machine will be thrown in a junkyard (just kidding, I would never do that!).

love abigail

14 thoughts on “Sewing Machine Troubles Again??

  1. I so know that feeling of machines not cooperating, sadly I’m no fixer either! What I also try sometimes is popping in a fresh, new needle, oiling or giving it a time out. The last one is what I usually do, stare at it angrily until it fixes itself, clearly this isn’t the best solution out there, as it hasn’t helped my serger yet…


    1. Thank you for commenting! I changed my needle recently, and my manual strangly does mention anything about oiling it…hmm, I’ll have to look into that, because it seems odd that the machine doesn’t have to be oiled…


  2. Hi Abi, try oiling your machine especially the shuttle hook area. If you already did all the troubleshooting and still it doesn’t work properly, then probably time to have it fixed. It’s still on warranty period, right?

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    1. Yes, I’m pretty sure it is…my manual doesn’t say a thing about oiling it, which confuses me. (My machine is a brother) so I think I should check on Brother’s website and see if my machine is the kind that needs to be oiled.

      I went to a sewing class in February and told my instructor my machine wasn’t working (the thread was getting all tangled and it wouldn’t even sew.) She did something to the bobbin holder and said it needed to be in left positon. She didn’t show me how to change it or anything like that, but that fixed it and I’m wondering if that’s the case.


  3. According to Bekki (Creativity Couldren) the factory doesn’t pay much attention to the fine tuning of the tension and leaves it to the service guys to do it under warranty- so get it to an engineer quickly, before your warranty expires!


    1. Ok, thanks for the advice! Yeah, I think I’m going to step away from the machine for a week or so and then come back to it. I might try changing my needle again, or maybe opening it up and having a look through it. I’m just afraid I’ll take it to an engineer and they’ll charge me $40 just to tell me it was a simple problem!

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  4. Oh no how annoying, def looks like a tension problem, probably lower tension, have you tried tightening the tiny screw on your bobbin? you should be able to hold the thread of the bobbin (when in the case and it should not drop down) does yours drop? just a thought hope you get it sorted…bestest
    daisy j x


  5. I hope your machine is better. I was having this same issue. I gave it a thorough cleaning, oiled, new needle, re-threaded everything and finally it got it’s act together.


  6. You can also try cleaning the lint out of the bobin casing. When you sew with fleece this can make the lint build up and will cause issues. I purchased a tiny vacuum attachment set from a sewing machine shop and it helps. Hope you figure it out soon!


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