Craft Fair & Throw Pillow

Hello Sewing and Fashion friends,

My blog has been quite boring recently, I know. I am trying to figure out a good time to get my machine fixed, but my whole month is busy. My cousin is coming over for this whole week, my birthday is coming up soon…and I’m getting my braces off! It’s been two years, I can’t wait to get them off. I’ve been getting started on tons of projects, and once my machine is fixed, I’ll lock myself in my room and sew until all my projects are finished! I did finish one project, though, with the power off…..handsewing!


(Sorry for the weird picture, I took my comfortor off the bed because it was too hot to leave it on.This is my bedroom, if you can’t guess.)

I made a pillow case and small throw pillow for my room a while ago. I started on a bigger throw pillow, but couldn’t finish it because I ran out of stuffing. That throw pillow sat in my closet for a while until I got more stuffing. Then I just sewed it shut and added some lace detail.image

Voila! A great throw pillow.


Here’s a little sneak peak on my Fancy Tiger Craft’s One Hour Top. I’ve worked so hard on it, I can’t wait to wear it! I’ve been making a list of things I’m going to make once my machine works again.

1. Faux Fur Vest

2. Union St. Tee

3. Dress (or two or three)

4. Shorts (I actually started making these!)

5. Pajama Pants

6. A kimono-ish cardigan

7. Some skirts, because you can never have too many

8. More bunting flags

Um, does that count? I’ve already started on some rounded ones.


So, basically, I want to make every kind of clothing imanginable. I just feeling like I’m disappointing/boring all of you because I haven’t posted about a REAL sewing project in a while. I’ve been hand-sewing little projects to satisfy my sewing cravings, but once my machine is fixed, it will all be better. It will get fixed at some point I assure you.

You’re probably wondering where the craft fair part comes into this. Every year, my church has a huge craft fair in October, with a bake sale and book sale, and everything you could think of. Last year I thought of getting a booth, but wasn’t sure. This year I’m considering it–my sister is trying to talk me into sharing a booth with her; she would sell crochet stuff and I would sell sewing stuff, but I just don’t know! The boothes sell up quickly, and they just started putting signs up for it, so I need to make a decision soon. I’ve already self-consciously been coming up with ideas for things to make, like throw pillows and drawstring bags and tote bags, etc. My mom came up with the idea that I could make little baby tulle skirts. Do you think I should get a booth?

Selfie of the day:


Or maybe another one:


love abigail

20 thoughts on “Craft Fair & Throw Pillow

  1. Yes, do get a booth! It will be a great experience for you. Maybe you and your sister can take turns manning the booth and checking out other stuff from other sellers? 🙂 Super cute throw pillows, btw. I love the lace detail!


  2. love the throw pillows!
    definite ‘yes’ for the craft fair. you need to challenge/push yourself – even if in the end you sell only 1 item. people will see your work & remember it.
    start sewing now!


  3. Go for it….my daughter’s and I had a booth a few year’s back. It was so much fun. The sells were great and we met some fantastic people. My girls made baby headbands and glitter picture frames and I made teen and adult headbands. I hope you decide to do it and then hopefully you’ll share your experience. I must say this your post are not boring. I enjoy your post. There are so many aspects to sewing and design for you to share. I want you to enjoy the process and the post will develop. I struggle with my post at time’s too. Then, I remind myself to enjoy this and have fun and it all just comes together. Keep up the great work, Abi!!!


  4. You need to do the craft fair if only so that you can decorate the stand with your lovely bunting.
    I think your Mum’s idea is good, by the way, little tulle skirts for tots would be fairly easy to run up and look really cute on the stand. Maybe your sister could crochet some little ballerina cardigans to go with them.


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