Easiest. Refashion. Ever!


I recently got a big bag of clothes from a friend, and one of the things in it was a cute, short maxi dress, but it was too short to wear, so I got the idea to turn it into a skirt. I’ve been reading Refashion Runway and other refashions recently, and I’ve been really inspired with the idea of repurposing your clothes.


I love this polka dot fabric, and I don’t have to put any elastic in, since it has shirred fabric.


First I decided how large I wanted the waistband to be. You have to make sure that you don’t cut where the thread is, cut in between or else….the whole thing may fall apart. I know this from experience! 😆


I didn’t cut both layers of fabric at the same time, because the fabric is thick. And that was it! This only took about one minute! Actually, it probably took less then that…I just cut, photographed, and posted.


I love this skirt so much! I can already find things to wear with it. Polka dots look great with everything!

Here’s my selfie of the week, it might be my last selfie before I’m 12!


Have a great week!

love abigail

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