Art Gallery Fabrics One Hour Top

I’m so excited about this post!! When Art Gallery Fabrics asked if I wanted to be part of their 30 days of sewing with AGF, I instantly said yes.  I knew right away what I wanted to make. A Fancy Tiger Craft one hour top! I always need more tops.


I really love this pattern, because not only is it free, but it’s so easy to whip up. I began browsing through the AGF fabrics. They have so many interesting fabric patterns, I wanted all of them! Finally I chose one from their Anna Elise collection called Tribal Sturdy Print Aura.


My eyes were drawn to the fun colors, which are perfect for fall. This top took a lot of taping and cutting (it’s a pdf) but it requires minimal sewing, and since the fabric is so smooth and easy to work with, this top is so easy to whip up! I swear, AGFs’ fabric feels like angels made it. It feels wonderful against my skin.


I made this top in an XS, but I had to make some adjustments to the sleeve length, since it was a little bit off. It still feels a little big, but it’s perfect for wearing with leggings. My mom wants to steal this shirt from me…so maybe I’ll have to make her one! Hmm, I see another top in the future. But as I told her, “You’re paying for the fabric.”


My sewing room was a bit messy when I made this. Okay, a lot messy. Construction of this pattern is pretty basic, the instructions are pretty clear, but since it’s my first time making a pdf pattern, I stumbled a little bit. I think I should have made this pattern using cardstock instead of printer paper, but it’s too late now.


The style of this top is pretty large and boxy, which I’m not sure I like, since my figure is drowning in fabric and I feel like the top is always slipping off my shoulders. But I do like that it’s pretty long, almost like a tunic. It’s perfect for wearing with leggings.


We went to the town park to take pictures. My mom took about 50, and I loved all of them and had a hard time choosing which ones to put in the post!


All in all, I really love this top. It was so easy to sew, the fabric is beautiful, and the top goes great with all my clothes.


And now is where I say goodbye. Have a great week!


Art Gallery Fabrics sponsered this post. 100% opinions are my own. 

32 thoughts on “Art Gallery Fabrics One Hour Top

      1. I see! You’re such a beautiful & intelligent young lady….keep up the great work….you’re truly an inspiration! Tell your mom…the photos are amazing, she has a great eye.


  1. Awesome post, Abby! Every time I read your blog, it makes me want to SEW!!! Carynn and I went to Hobby Lobby over the weekend and bought a bunch of patterns (They were on sale for $1.99!!!) Now I just need to find the time to make them. Actually, I really like that top, so I might have to download that and make that first. Great job, Abs!


  2. Absolute lovely top! I think it is a great way to wear some colors for autumn! Most of my autumn wardrobe is grey, black or anything plain but your post inspired me to find really nice prints!


  3. This is so lovely! It suits you really well. Love the autumn colours! I’m always looking for cool top patterns, so I downloaded the One Hour Top immediately. 🙂


  4. Love the top! I think it looks brilliant on you, The fabric looks gorgeous. I’ve heard of Art Gallery Fabrics before but never tried them, I need to look up their collections!
    The pictures are gorgeoys too. Mum’s are the best photo takers!! Mine is my offical photographer :p xx


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