There once was a not-so-freckled-anymore twelve year old girl who had forgotten to mail her secret santa present and now she has to mail it tomorrow while hoping it be there in time on Christmas and in a certain person’s living room. That girl is me.

I have been making and collecting things throughout November and December for my stitchingsanta, but I forgot to mail it. Everybody has been posting little things about them, so I keep remembering to do it, but then I run out of time. The parcel needed two more things, so I rushed to the craft store today. Finally, the box is ready for shipping, all wrapped and beautiful for tomorrow! And I really do hope it gets there soon enough.

The presents looked so pretty after wrapping them, and I thought that you all deserved a little peek before it’s mailed. So here goes:

ya three.jpg

I am so proud of my not so wrapping skills! Yay! I love wrapping presents to good old Christmas music. To give each present a personal touch, I added a little notecard with an explanation of the present and why I picked it.

ya one

Apologies for the lame picture. I must brag about this present’s particular wrapping. I’m very proud of it. It took forever to wrap!

ya two.jpg

Mwa ha ha, I made this picture close up and blurry on purpose. I wanted to give one little sneak peek before I mail this. What could it be? Leave your guesses in the comments while I laugh to myself…

Ok! Thank you! Have a very Merry Christmas, and I will look forward to seeing what you all got for your StitchingSanta. Cheers!

love abigail

18 thoughts on “#StitchingSanta

  1. What could that be? It must have something to do with London. A double-decker bus is too big…so is a phone booth. Maybe a smart phone cover? Love the little foxes on wrapping paper. 🙂


  2. It all looks intriguing. I love your wrapping paper – especially the little foxes. Fingers crossed it should arrive on time and be underneath some lucky person’s tree on Christmas day.


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