Blue & Grey Crochet Blanket

Hiya! Today I have a different kind of post….a crochet post!

After Christmas, I had the desire for a big crochet project. Crocheting for me is normally just rectangles, squares, hearts, and other random shapes, but I really wanted to learn some new skills. I started off with two skiens of yarn, and ended up buying 7 skeins. I was inspired by this blanket.

Well, 7 skeins, one month, 100 BBC Merlin episodes, and 64 granny squares later, I came up with this.

number 1.jpg

Charlie wanted to be in the shot again. He got so much love last time, so I figured I might as well include him again.

I’m so happy with the result. Most of it was making the squares, which made a huge stack, but when I actually crocheted them together the blanket was smaller. If I didn’t know, I never would have guessed 64 squares went into this!


The rows have been coming apart at the corners. I crocheted a long rectangle of 8 granny squares together and then crocheted the rows together. NOTE TO SELF: Darn your ends in. I never thought that darning/sewing-crocheting in the end pieces of yarn could make a difference. I was lazy and I knotted the end of the rows and cut it off. Well, I wish I didn’t do that, because I have been fixing my  falling apart blanket all week!


If you would like to learn how to crochet, I would recommend learning. Crochet is great for something to do in the car, or something to carry in your purse. It’s very portable, which is something I always liked about it. Bella Coco has tons of great beginner YouTube videos for the beginner.



Thoughts on the blanket:

I would make it again. It ended up a little bit smaller than I planned, but it’s really good as a lap blanket or a decorative blanket for my bed. I also think I would use this technique again for a baby blanket.


I also added a small single crochet border for effect.

Well, I suppose that’s all! Thoughts anyone?



32 thoughts on “Blue & Grey Crochet Blanket

  1. Wow! I am really impressed! I learned to crochet several years ago, but I doubt I would have the patience to sew a whole blanket…congrats!


  2. Love the colours Abi, and well done for fixing it, would be a shame if it didn’t last forever after all the time you’ve already spent. I learned 2 years ago and wish I’d done it years ago.
    There’s a website call new stitch a day – they have a stitchionary with loads of different stitches, each with its own video. 😃


  3. Lovely colours – they go perfectly with your bedroom décor. I don’t crochet but I know how important it is to weave the ends in properly in knitting but you’ve learnt that now with your little blanket and won’t make the same mistake again. We all live and learn 😉


  4. Crochet hook, yarn and imagination! I like the granny square look better than the straight row after row that is warmer yet plain. I see your pup likes it. If it were mine I know the cats would take it over. Very pretty and keep at it!


  5. Very envious of anyone who can crochet, I’ve tried several times but just can’t get my head round it 😦 So don’t be too hard on ourself, this looks fab! The colours are great and you’ll know about dealing with those pesky ends next time…


  6. It’s stunning! Gorgeous colours you’ve chosen. My daughter wants to learn to crochet but patience isn’t her strength! I admire your perseverance to tackle such a big project ☺


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