And the winner is……..

Before I get to the winner, let me just say that this giveaway has been so much fun. I’ve loved reading all of your comments about your favorite thing you’ve sewed, and what you would do with this gift card. We got 76 comments (76!!!) and 265 entries! Thanks so much to Fabricworm for sponsoring this giveaway, and thank you for entering. Also, thanks for having patience with me. Well, let’s get on to the winner!

the winner is

kate yay.png

Kate from the, congrats!!! You are the winner!


Check your email for the prize, (the e-giftcard). Spend it wisely!

If you didn’t win, don’t worry. I will be hosting another giveaway as soon as possible, so be sure to check back for another one! Thank you, my fellow seamstresses!



2 thoughts on “And the winner is……..

  1. Yay!! I’m so excited for the e-gift card!I just want to thank you, Abigail, for hosting this giveaway, and congrats again for all the views!! I promise to spend it wisely 😉 😉


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