Thoughts on Blogging

imageWelcome to today’s post! I’ve had some thoughts on my mind that I wanted to share with you. It’s mostly just me ranting with a ton of smiley faces 🙂 but please read it.

Remember my dream of being a famous fashion designer? I’m not sure that I want to be a fashion designer anymore. It seemed like the perfect job for me when I grow up and everybody has told me that I would be a great fashion designer. But I have been having a hard time enjoying it. I sit down and stare at a piece of paper for a while. My mind wanders and I don’t come up with anything. If I come up with anything, it gets scraped in the garbage.

I don’t want to entirely quit my love of  fashion, though, so I’m putting it aside in my brain and taking a break to blog about some of my other intrests. I feel like even though I have been blogging for 3 and 1/2 years, my readers don’t know me as well as I would like.  If you are getting worried, don’t be, because I will STILL continue sewing and I will STILL continue the freckledfashionista. I will always love sewing. I’m not taking a break from my sewing posts, I’m just taking a long break from this whole fashion design thing.

Here’s my question for all of you: how would you feel if I continued blogging about sewing but introduced a new topic to the freckledfashionista? Lately I have been really interested in organic, chemical free beauty and essential oils. I’ve been doing yoga every night and it’s really helped me relax among the craziness of school. I stumbled across the youtube channel Holistic Habits, and I’ve been bingewatching the videos. So now I am asking for your thoughts. If I began posting about organic and chemical-free beauty advice, would you run away in the opposite direction? 🙂

Before I sign off for today, I want you to know some random things about me.

Sample image

  • I’m a Christian
  • My favorite color is Seafoam
  • I am kind of obsessed with donuts….
  • My favorite book is the Maze Runner
  • My middle name is Mae
  • BONUS: I wish I had a British accent

Thank you for listening to my rant 🙂 Please give me your thoughts on my new topic. Be honest though, if you don’t really want to read my organic beauty posts let me know. I value my readers so much.


One more thing before I go! This is long overdue, but better late then never. I would like to thank all of you for voting for me in the sewing contest a couple months ago. I especially want to thank Thimberlina for posting it on her blog. I came in third place, but I doubt I could have got there without all of you. You know who you are 🙂 I don’t view you as readers and followers of my blog, I view you as my friends. The WordPress sewing community is so amazing. Thank you again.

22 thoughts on “Thoughts on Blogging

  1. I definitely respect your frustration with fashion. When I look at a paper, I too stare at blankness. I’m happy to read your blog, whether it be about yoga, or essential oils, or whatever craft you enjoy :).


  2. Aw that’s a sweet post Abi, and whatever you’re up to I’d still like to read about it – sewing and bit of other stuff in between. If it makes you happy, you’ll write happy! People will choose to read or not to read! My Sunday Sevens gets quite a lots of views but not as many as my dressmaking posts, but i still enjoying doing them. Keep smiling and just be you, and just do what makes you happy! And if you need English lessons I can teach you Yorkshire! 🙂


  3. There is no reason not to run your blog the way you like, have fun with it! I started my blog to be social and share things like design/sewing, but also nature, pets, brewing and baking to name a few…oh yes, painting too. I write science fiction, but nobody would visit if I only had the books there. When I get stymied, staring at the blank page, it’s not enjoyable anymore so I move on to something else. Make cookies or a skirt or walk in the woods. Short answer, go ahead! You might find a few more things to share, and may be able to connect your fashion sense to some of them.


  4. I enjoy reading your blog, it’s refreshing seeing your enthusiasm! Whether it’s about sewing or yoga, I’ll still read.
    (This post is to be read in a Scottish accent, by the way! 😉 )


  5. You should always be doing what YOU love to do! And I’d love to read about other things you’d like to share with your readers – I’m very much looking forward to whatever you’d like to write about. 🙂


  6. I write about sewing/knitting/vintage & antique stuff/dogs/cats and life in general. I consider it a little bit like a journal and, if people read it and are interested enough to comment or to follow me that is a bonus. There are a lot of good sewing blogs out there and I might read a tutorial or two but, no matter how good somebody’s sewing skills are, I have to be able to ‘engage’ with the person behind the blog in order to keep reading on a regular basis.
    In other words, write about what interests you and that will keep your readers interested. Anyway, I do yoga and try to use natural, organic beauty products where I can so you won’t lose me 😉
    (To be read in a London accent – unless I’m speaking French and then it’s just a terrible accent)


  7. I think you should write about what you are interested in because then you will write a good, energetic post. Maybe some readers aren’t interested in , let’s say “lawn darts”, and won’t read, but if the post is good you will pick up other readers who are interested in your fantastic article about lawn darts!


  8. Great post, Abi! My thoughts on blogging are that we share our interest. It’s nice to see that you’re expanding onto other things. Natural beauty is a perfect topic. I’m also into those thing’s and have been for quite some time. I look forward to what you have to share!


  9. What a sweet post, Abi. Sorry, I’m a bit late getting to it. A reader once told me “it’s your blog and you can do what you want”…so, I’m sending that message on to you. I love using natural products, and I’m getting my old arthritic body back into yoga so I’d be very interested in your thoughts on both subjects. And one of the grand things about ideas and plans when you’re young is that they can change as many times as you want! Keep on, Miss Abi, I’ll be another one sticking with you. ❤


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