Spring Cleaning

It’s Day Nine of the Pledge! If you missed the orginal post, check it out here. We have some other posts up on the blog about the pledge, like how to write a gratitude journal, so check those out!

Finally, the snow has melted and spring has arrived! You know what that means….fresh buds, sunshine, and spring cleaning. There is nothing better than a clean house, it feels so good to be done. I always get dragged into cleaning, but there are ways to make it fun! Today the Mesothelioma + Asbestos Awareness Center and I are going to be sharing some ways to have a safer, and more fun cleaning session.


1. Open the windows

After months cooped up inside during winter, open up those windows! Let the clean air freshen up your house. Say goodbye to stale, dry air! We have a sunroom on our back porch with windows lining one wall and a glass “window”  on the cieling so more sun can get in and we can watch the birds in the trees.

2. Let in the sunshine

Often times, what with furniture and curtains, tables and decor; windows can get covered up. Try moving around your furniture for a fresh look and more sunshine! The rays will warm up your house and give you some good ol’ vitamin D.

This is the glass “window” that I was talking about.

3. Have a catchy playlist

Need some motivation? Lately I’ve been loving Spotify and Pandora. They have some of my favorite songs and making playlists couldn’t be easier. Sometimes I don’t want too much of a distraction, so I’ll turn on classical music to provide a stress-free backdrop.

4. Burn a candle

Not only do candles make your home smell good, they make your home more cozy and in some cases, can release stress. Since it’s spring, opt for a nice floral scent.

5. Use safe cleaners

Check the ingredients of your sprays and cleaners! Many contain toxins that you don’t want to be putting on your surfaces. If you’re unsure about your cleaners, just make your own! All you need is a spray bottle, some vinegar and water, and voila!

6. Be careful

If you are renovating your home, be safe! Many old homes built before the 1970s contain asbestos, a known cause of  Mesothelioma cancer.

Be sure to check out these spots:

  • Insulation within the ceiling and walls
  • Lining around house piping
  • Vinyl plastic floor tiles
  • Home siding and roofing


And there you have it! Stay safe and have a wonderful day!




4 thoughts on “Spring Cleaning

    1. 🙂 Yes, I sometimes get pulled into cleaning. I try to keep my bedroom tidy, so while everyone is cleaning their rooms I have to help clean the house. Thanks for commenting!


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