2016 In Review & Plans for 2017


Well, 2016 is over. It’s been a fun year! I feel like this year, I’ve really found myself, along with my purpose in life. I don’t want to get too deep 😉 But this year, I’ve had the chance to sit back and really think about what I want to be doing, both with my blog and with my life in general. Along with yoga, I’ve been writing constantly in my gratitude journal, trying to be more positive, and doing the things that make me happy.

Over the course of 2016, a few things have changed on my blog. Not only the theme, but adding in some new content. I’ve lately been very interested in talking about a positive lifestyle, beauty, and things similar to that. I’m really excited for 2017. I have some great posts that I’ve planned, and I have a lot of things that I’ve sewn that I need to blog about.

Speaking of sewing…I haven’t actually sewn very much this year, which I’m disappointed about. I have a few things that I need to photograph and upload, but otherwise, I wish I had gotten to many of the projects that I planned.

Favorite Make


For some reason, I look really unhappy in this photo. 😉 

 I’ve sewn a lot of little things this year, and only a few wearable pieces, but my favorite by far is my kimono. Yet, I never wear it–I’m afraid that I’ll damage it. I also love my second One Hour Top–look for a post on that, because it will hopefully be uploaded soon.

Favorite Pattern


I’m cringing right now–this photo is from 2015. Time really flies, doesn’t it? I made this top a few years ago, and the pattern is the One Hour Top. Like I said above, I made another one of these tops this year, which I have yet to post. I love the One Hour Top because not only does it require little fabric and is super easy to make,  it flatters my shape and feels comfortable in general. I love it, and I’m hoping to make more!

Favorite Book


Photographer unknown, photo taken from Goodreads.

I love this book, and it was easily my favorite book that I’ve read this year. I’ve read so many books this year, too many to count, but I keep thinking about this one. Heartless is fantastically written, and I urge you to check it out, and the author, Marissa Meyer!

Favorite Yoga Video

As you probably know, I love yoga, and had to include my favorite video. This yoga workout is from Yoga with Adriene, and I keep coming back to it for a simple workout that anyone can do. I recommend checking out her channel as well! She posts yoga videos with a variety of workouts.

Favorite Blog Post


I wish I had written more blog posts! Life gets in the way, but I have so many posts planned for 2017. As for 2016, though, I have two favorites. I loved writing the Calia Review, and I worked very hard on it. I also am proud of the post on Writing a Gratitude Journal.

With all that said, here are my resolutions/goals for 2017:

  • Write at least one blog post every week.
  • Do a yoga video every day.
  • Start another gratitude journal after finishing the first one.
  • Try to be more confident and positive.

I know that posting twice in one day is rare, but I really wanted to share my 2016 with you. I hope that you have a fantastic 2017, and a Happy New Year! What was your favorite thing about 2016? Let me know! God Bless.



37 thoughts on “2016 In Review & Plans for 2017

  1. What a great post, Abi! I’ll be following along in 2017, too, and wishing you all the best. Oh, my favorite thing from 2017? My ninety-year-old mother came across the country to live with us!


  2. Great round up Abi, but don’t be afraid to wear your favourite things, as there’ll be other favourites in the future. My favourite thing of 2016 was taking part in the Sew Vintage Sew-along. I loved my dress and felt really special everytime I wore it.
    Happy New Year x


  3. Oooh, great! It sounds like you had a pretty good year, and 2017 should continue to be good! I like your simple resolutions…I tend to make tons of them (I think I have 15 written down for this year…eep). Happy New Year!


  4. The yoga video was super helpful. I’ve been practicing for years but was looking to have a better home practice of sorts and you’re right. Here videos are really easy to follow.


  5. You go girl for being able to sew! I wish I could make my own clothes that’d make like so much easier (perhaps harder bc I’m assuming it’s a lot of work?) the kimono you made is beautiful though, is love to see what else you’ve made!

    xo, JJ

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you so much! Yes, it actually can make life harder at times, because at the store, you can just buy an outfit, but if you want to sew an outfit, you’ll need fabric and supplies and usually, a pattern…and sometimes it can end up costing more than what you could buy in stores. But also, it has a ton of positives too! It’s never too late to try it out and see if you like it! ❤ Thank you for commenting & reading!

      Liked by 1 person

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