A Walk In Winter

Today was a brisk, beautiful winter day. We’ve gotten a ton of snow over the past few days, turning the trail behind our house into a winter wonderland. Winter is one of my favorite seasons, because the snow covers everything and makes it look so lovely–until the snow melts, and it becomes muddy. IMG_4353.jpg

Isn’t it crazy–I feel like I was just walking down this trail in fall! Time flies so quickly. If you would like to see some fall pictures from a few months ago, here’s the post.

IMG_4351.jpgIMG_4352 (1).jpg

Unfortunately, the pond isn’t fully frozen yet, so we haven’t been able to go ice skating on it yet. I’m crossing my fingers for a cold day so that it will freeze. Sometimes it freezes, but the surface is too bumpy, so it isn’t safe.

IMG_4354 (1).jpgimg_4365

I’m by no means a good photographer, I just enjoy taking pictures of nature. Thank you for reading! Stay tuned, because I’m currently editing and working on some awesome new content & posts.


18 thoughts on “A Walk In Winter

  1. I love the idea of walking though snow! Unfortunately I can’t because it doesn’t snow where I live, but anyway!

    Also I thought it was only in fairy tales that you could skate on frozen lakes!!! 😯


  2. Beautiful pictures, Abi! Where I live, it’s always warm, and though today was quite cool, the other day was in the 70s! 😛 But I love snow and I’m glad to see that you got to experience some in winter up there! 🙂


  3. Beautiful photos, Abi, love the little “path” into the woods. I looked back at your autumn post, as it is my favorite season, too. Hoping our weather sends you some ice for that pond! (Personally i prefer the mild weather, but then worry about the vegetation and wildlife winter needs…..)


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