How To Live A More Positive Lifestyle

Heyo, long time no see. I’ve been on vacation! My family & I went to Lake Placid, NY (a few hours away from here we live). I’ll have a post up on the blog soon, so stay tuned for that! In the meantime, shall we get into the post?

This is something I’ve wanted to post for a while. I struggle with being negative, and I’ve found a few things that help me think & act more positively.

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-Keep A Gratitude Journal-

I’ve actually written a post on this–here’s the link if you feel like taking a peek and learning more. Here’s how it works: every night, I write down a few things that I’m grateful for. Boom, done. try to think out of the box–food and Netflix definitely make the list–but sometimes I’m just grateful for nature and rainy days. Whatever comes to mind, I write it down.

You don’t even need a journal. When you go to bed at night, think of a few positive things that happened during the day that you’re grateful for. This wires the brain to think positively and focus on the good things during the day rather than the negative things that happen.

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-Talk To Yourself In The Mirror-

Don’t freak out on me. Don’t you dare scroll down, either, this is important. One of my friends does this, and she recommended it to me. What do you do? It’s simple. Go to your mirror, look at yourself, and talk. Say things you love about yourself, smile, keep your chin up. This branches off into self-love, which is fantastic, because if you want to live a more positive life, it’s important that you aren’t negative to yourself.

Every morning and night, I look in my mirror and tell myself that I’m strong, capable, smart–whatever I feel like I need to say. But be specific–don’t give yourself random adjectives. Throughout the day, I remind myself of these things, and it helps me to remember to smile and take a deep breath. The show must go on.

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-Read The Bible-

This may be something you already do, but it’s so important. The highlight of my night is reading the Bible. Reading the Bible & praying lifts my spirits, it makes me feel cheerful and positive, and I almost always wake up with a smile on my face. A few different bloggers have talked about journaling in their Bible, one of them being Styled By McKenz, and I love doing that now!

Positive #2.jpg

-Workout And Do Yoga-

Isn’t working out amazing? The feeling of moving, breathing deeply…it’s just fantastic. You probably know this, but studies have proven that when you excercise, your body releases endorphins–helping to release stress and make you feel happier and positive. I love working out and yoga, and trust me, if you’re feeling negative and cranky, go workout. And grab some chocolate, too.

Ever since doing yoga, my head is clearer and I feel happier in general. I talk about yoga so much on my blog, but it’s something I’m passionite about; I can’t say enough about it.


My last tip? Smile. Just keep on smiling until your cheeks hurt. Whether the sun is shining or the rain is pouring, you’re alive. Life goes on. I would love to hear your thoughts on this post, so be sure to let me know if it was helpful. Have an amazing, positive day/night!


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42 thoughts on “How To Live A More Positive Lifestyle

  1. I’m trying to get stuck into the yoga definitely must try and be more positive towards myself I constantly put myself down so I’m going to try have a word with myself in the mirror lol x x Thanks for the good vibes 🙂


  2. I love the first two. The talking to yourself in the mirror is one of the ones that I do, it really works, and I workout which is brilliant. I haven’t tried any of the others, but I will definitely have to.
    ~Emily x


  3. I love the post…it just gives me a happy feeling inside. 😀 I definitely need to work on being more positive since a lot of the time I get stuck thinking negative thoughts and complaining. I definitely want to try some of your methods…I need to restart my gratitude journal again!


  4. Hi Abigail, I found your post really interesting. I totally understand the standing in front of the mirror technique! It is so helpful. I recommend it to all my friends when they are going through a hard time. I have recently written two blog posts about happiness, I would love for you to check them out and hear your thoughts on them! &


  5. Fantastic post! We all struggle with negativity at times. Your tips are great and very beneficial. When, we learn to focus on what we can control which is our mind and make it a point to train our minds to find the good no matter how trying the situation……..our lives really do change for the better.


  6. Great tips! I have something similar to a gratitude journal and it changed my life. Mine’s called a bullet journal, which I basically use to organize my chaotic brain but I have a section dedicated to gratitude. It has made me a much more joyful person, as I find I’m looking at things and recognizing them as great as they happen!


    1. Thank you! Oh yeah, I’ve used a bullet journal before as well! I really enjoyed it but I stressed out too much about the way it looked. 😉 I’m so glad to hear that it’s changed your life. Thank you for stopping by and reading, I appreciate it. Have a fantastic day!


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