My Evening Routine

Hey, welcome back to another post! This is a common post idea for bloggers, and although I prefer coming up with my own content, I really wanted to do this. I have a long evening routine, so I thought I would share it with you. Let’s get right into it!

I usually start my evenings with stretching and yoga, which is the best feeling after a long day. If I didn’t workout earlier in the day, I’ll squeeze in a quick run or some cardio (if I feel like it).

Desktop #4.JPG

When I’m done with yoga, I wash my face with the Calia facial cleanser. I’ve done a review on this and other Calia products; here’s the link. This cleanser has high quality ingredients and works well to remove makeup and sweat.

Evening Routine #3.JPG

I didn’t take a picture of this, but I usually use some oils on my face for my acne. Lastly, I moisturize my face with the Cetaphil daily facial moisturizer and brush my teeth. Many people rave about this moisturizer, but unfortunately I’m not a fan of it. It gets the job done most of the time, but lately my face has still been dry after using it.

Evening Routine #5.JPG

I don’t go on electronics before sleep, because it makes it much harder for me to fall asleep. Instead, I read my Bible, write in my gratitude journal, and cross off things in my planner. If I feel like it, I’ll write a schedule for tomorrow of the things I need to accomplish. This is my favorite part of the night! I can get all the thoughts out of my brain and spend some time talking to God. Evening Routine #1.JPGEvening Routine #2.JPG

After I’ve cleared the thoughts from my brain, it’s time to get comfy, relax, and destress. I light a candle, turn on my diffuser, and snuggle up with cozy blankets and read a book for an hour or so. Evening Routine #6.JPG

I fall asleep within minutes, and over a few years I’ve developed ways to help myself sleep easier. The best solution I’ve found is to turn on my small fan. (Yes, even in winter!). I can’t sleep without my fan on. I then snuggle under tons of blankets and the relaxing noise of the fan and the cold air hitting my face helps me to fall asleep.

If you’re interested, I would be happy to share my morning routine as well! Just let me know in the comments. Thank you for stopping by! Sweet dreams, and I hope you have a wonderful evening.


21 thoughts on “My Evening Routine

  1. lol, i can’t sleep without a fan either! even one time when we were camping, and it was super cold….probably not a good idea, but i fell asleep nonetheless! great post!

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  2. Ooh, yes, a morning routine post would be fabulous! And it’s so awesome that you stay off electronics and are able to get some reading time before bed. I’m trying to do that, and I’m slowly getting there! XD Blogging has made me go on the computer a lot more often, but my Wi-Fi turns off at a specific time, which really helps.


    I have a hard time falling asleep — I have to take melatonin to actually go to sleep in under fifteen minutes. Otherwise I’ll just lay there forever, TRYING to go to sleep and WANTING to go to sleep, but just unable to. Hmm, maybe I’ll try a fan! 😛

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    1. You’re getting there! You can do it!! And aww, I’m sorry to hear that. My brother is the same way. Yeah, try the fan and see how it works! It’s weird the first few times but eventually the soft noise will be relaxing.

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  3. Uhmmmm, yes please, I would love a morning routine! I love that you don’t go on electronics before bed, I wish I could say I don’t do that but I definitely do. I love how your evening routine is super relaxing. I most of all love those blankets, they look so super cozy! Great post, I love that you’ve added the photos so we can see exactly what you are talking about. Great post as always Abigail, keep up the great work! x

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  4. Those blankets look SO soft! I enjoyed knowing about your evening routine, it has given me some ideas on how to get to sleep easier.
    ~Emily x


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