My Aesthetic

Hello, welcome back to another post!

I found out recently that there was an aesthetic tag going around WordPress…I actually had no idea that it existed. Even though I haven’t been nominated for the tag, I’ve wanted to do a post on my aesthetic ever since I got Pinterest. Pinterest is a great way to find pictures that you find aesthetically pleasing. So, in today’s short post, I’ll be sharing my aesthetic with you!

My Aesthetic.jpg

Photos via Pinterest

I love the colors gray, black, creamy white, and gold with the occasional pop of color. I really like clean, minimal photos taken from above (flat-lays). The main thing on my aesthetic board is pictures of cozy sweaters, cozy pillows, cozy blankets, a cup of coffee…I love anything cozy and warm. unnamed.jpg

Books, forests, flowers, cozy blankets…photos of those things are so aesthetically pleasing to me. I also really like things arranged in threes…I have no clue why, it just makes me feel happy. Texture appeals to me as well, but only when it’s used sparingly.

Processed with VSCO with t1 preset

My aesthetic is probably so clean and modern because I’m constantly thinking and analyzing things in my head, so it’s too stressful to be surrounded by patterns and bright colors. To be able to mellow down and relax, I need low colors and minimal textures.

This post was pretty short, but it was fun to write! If you’d like to get a better idea of my aesthetic, here’s my Pinterest board. How would you describe your aesthetic? Have a fantastic day, and I’ll catch you on the flip side!



32 thoughts on “My Aesthetic

  1. Oh, if I’d known you were an aesthetic-y person, I would’ve nominated you for the Blogger Aesthetic Award! XD Beautiful aesthetic, and yeah, it’s very modern and clean and cool. 😉 I NEED PINTEREST SO BAD HELP ME


      1. I have to ask my mom, since it’s social media and my parents are like NO SOCIAL MEDIA. I’ve been planning to ask her next week, when my dad’s in Houston. 😉 I have all my boards planned out and everything–I’m a little bit obsessed. XD


      2. I KNOW I KNOW I KNOW! *bounces up and down* I already have my boards all planned out and everything… Actually, I still need names for all the color aesthetics. XD


  2. Do you know how to delete a subscription? I changed my email and I don’t know how to delete my subscription from the old one.


    1. Do you still have the old email? If so, you can go to one of my posts that popped up in your email and there should be a button so you can cancel the subscription. Then you can just go to my blog and enter your new email. 🙂


  3. Ahhh! Your aesthetic is so nice? It’s just very cozy I guess? Also I have to agree with you I love Pinterest, it’s perfect for aesthetic things 😊


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