My #1 Blogging Tip

Okay, before we get into the post, let me say something: the amount of followers that you have doesn’t matter. Each of those followers matters, but the total amount is unimportant. Whether you have 1 or 1000, at least someone is reading your blog. But you already know that, right? Cool. Then, let’s get into the post!

My post on Things Blogging Has Taught Me was really popular, so I thought I would do a post similar to that. I thought about doing a post on blogging tips, but in the end, your blog all comes down to one thing. Cue the drumroll…


-Your Content-

That might seem kind of obvious, maybe not. But it’s true! Your content is everything. Here’s an example, since those seem to be helpful. There are two people. One person posts on their blog every single day. Each post has either typos, blurry pictures, spelling errors…or, maybe the person has amazing pictures, maybe they don’t have typos. It doesn’t matter, because the photos alone can’t hold the post. What’s important is the content. Is the post something interesting? Is the post something people will enjoy and want to read? I don’t know, maybe this person posts about avocados. You decide.

Then there’s the other person. Maybe they post every day, maybe they post once a week. But the difference is that they have interesting content. People look forward to their posts, because this person works hard on their photos, checks their spelling erorrs, and is constantly working to make their blog bigger and better.


I’m not hating on anybody, please don’t think I’m being negative. People can post about whatever they want on their blogs.

There are so many important tips I could give. I could talk about how to design your blog, how to take good photos, but I’m not a complete expert. The one thing that I constantly tell new bloggers (or think of telling new bloggers, but I forget) is to have awesome content. To work hard on writing good posts.


Hey, what do I know? I’m a 13 year old blogger with 900 followers. To the person with 3 followers, that seems like a lot. To the person with 5,000 followers, that’s not very many. But, like I said above, don’t worry about numbers! Worry about your content, your pictures, your community. Are people constantly commenting on your posts? Are you engaging your readers and are you sincerely interested in what they think about your posts?

This will help increase your traffic, because if a few of your posts go viral, and the content in those posts is helpful and well-written, people will click around your site, maybe give you a follow, and maybe they’ll be interested in coming back.


If you’re reading this and you feel that you work really hard on your content, hats off to you. You’re awesome. And before you go thinking the wrong idea, I don’t have perfect content. I don’t have a perfect blog. I don’t have thousands of bloggers. But I’m going to keep working hard–we’re all right where we need to be at the moment.

What are your thoughts on this? Was it helpful, or just filled with rambling? I hope you have an absolutely amazing day. Thank you for reading!



44 thoughts on “My #1 Blogging Tip

  1. I really liked the message of this post! I love reading your blog posts and I think you blog is amazing because you are true to yourself and I Really can tell how much hard work you are putting into each post and your blog design! Keep up the hard work, love glücksgeist

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  2. I absolutely loved reading this post , I absolutely agree that it doesn’t matter how many followers you have but that someone is actually reading your blog . I think people need to be reminded of that for sure . I think this was a very good read and opened a lot of people’s eyes who are bloggers as well ! Keep up the great work :)❤


  3. Girl, you’re 13? You sound so mature and intelligent and amazing!! 800 followers is amazing. I have 400 in less than 2 months and am always thinking what can I be possibly doing so well for people to want to follow me.

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  4. this was a great read and I agree! I dont have a big following but I love the interactions I have and I am working hard towards gaining more followers. My content varies but a lot of people seem to like the diversity I have so I am content with my hobby 🙂


  5. The message behind this was amazing! I hope this doesn’t come across negatively but you write beautifully for someone who is 13 – I could see easily mistake you for an 18 year old on here! This was a nice little reminder to myself that hard work and less posts is sometimes better than just posting constantly. Thank you lovely 🙂 xx

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  6. Thank you for this! I try to work hard on my content, but I fail. I feel like I don’t really have anything to say and it’s all kinda a lot of useful fluff. I should probably try to figure out what I could say that would actually be useful and interesting to read. 🙂

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  7. Great post Abi! No matter how often I read and reread my posts to check for errors I always find one after I hit the publish button!! Or my mum will ring me telling me I’ve made one! 😀


  8. I was blown away when you mentioned your age, wisdom beyond your age! It also helped me get things in perspective, as I sometimes worry that I’m not picking up the following I’d like, when in reality it doesn’t really matter! Thanks and all the best!

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  9. OMG? 13? That’s an achievement in that case! Congrats! Right now I am kind of lacking motivation to blog..and am considering quitting…this kindof make me rethink! Follow me if you wish to!❤️

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  10. This actually made sense. Before i began my first post i said to myself if I could just have 5-10 readers that would be great. I don’t know how much my blog page will grow but i worked very hard on it. Hopefully people see it was well put together & also this is one of my accomplishment

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