Tips For A Better Night’s Sleep

I’m tired just writing the title, folks. Hey, how is it going?! For those of you on Spring break, how has your break been so far? In today’s post, I’m going to be sharing my tips for a better night’s rest, because when you sleep better, you have a better day.

I used to be very insomniac, and it was hard for me to fall asleep. Luckily, I’ve found some things that have helped me fall asleep easier, so hopefully, those tips will help you as well. Shall we get into it?


-Get Cozy-

Okay, this should go without saying, but you need to get cozy, people. Grab some blankets and cozy socks, snuggle up in your little nest of warmth, and relax. Let go of any stress and just chill. Put your electronics in another room, turn on some soft piano music…the works. This is your time.


-Treat Yourself-

Treat yourself, people! This is similar to getting cozy. Put on your best pajamas, slather yourself in lotion, grab a pint of ice cream (okay, maybe not), put on your slippers…set aside time for yourself. You survived the long day, you deserve it.


-Read A Book-

Reading a book is a wiser option then being on your phone or laptop before bed–otherwise, it will be harder to fall asleep. My favorite book of all time is Heartless (have any of you read it). Just look at that cover. It’s gorgeous.


-Use A Fan-

I talked about this in my post about my evening routine. A lot of people told me in the comments that they use a fan to fall asleep as well! This really works. It seems strange, but if you get a small fan, the relaxing noise of the fan blowing and the cold air will make it easier to fall asleep. I always make sure the air is blowing right on my face, so it makes me feel cold, and I bundle up under the covers. Make sure your fan doesn’t have an annoying noise, though, or it could make it hard to fall asleep.


-Do Yoga-

I know many of you do yoga, but if you don’t, give it a try! I love doing the Yoga for Bedtime practice from YWA, but if you don’t have a lot of times in the evenings, she has a seven minute practice. Yoga will definitely help your body to relax and prepare you for sleep.

I hope you sleep well tonight! Do you already do some of these things? Let me know! Thanks for stopping by!



32 thoughts on “Tips For A Better Night’s Sleep

  1. Oh, I have horrible insomnia! Melatonin is the only way I’ll fall asleep within the first fifteen minutes. :/ Ooh, I must read Heartless! And yoga is so relaxing… although quite slow for me. XD Thanks for this wonderful tips, Abi! 😀

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  2. Great post! And for me a combination of melatonin and white noise does the trick! But these are some great tips to keep in mind especially with some mild insomnia….. 😉

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  3. These are great tips. I used to have insomnia as well. So glad those days are over. Yes! Reading always makes me feel so relaxed. Unless the book is super exciting, then no sleeping happens. XD


  4. you know what I also find helpful, lavender scent. I have a room spray that I use before bedtime.. it surprisingly helps to soothe. I totally agree about the electronic before bed. A good book is always the answer. great post.

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  5. Sleep is such a complex thing. It is amazing how many people have problems and yet there’s very little help out there. I’ve found that creating a bedtime routine, reading before bed and having a cup of Sleep Easy tea sends me off to sleep straight away.


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