5 Things Not To Do As A Blogger

Hello there! Happy Saturday! By the way, thank you all so much for the survey results! Many of you said that you wanted more blogging posts, so be prepared for quite a few of those over the next few weeks!

In today’s post, I’m going to be talking about five things NOT to do as a blogger. I’ve talked about what you SHOULD do as a blogger in the past, so it’s time to shake it up and try something new! Let’s hop right in.

what not to do as a blogger.png


-Don’t Post Just To Post-

Be sure to check out my post on My #1 Blogging Tip, because it talks more about having quality content! It’s really important that when you post, it has a purpose, and you’re not just typing up a quick post just to post. If you find that you’re doing this, maybe try posting less often so you have time to work on making every post perfect.


-Don’t Use Too Many Images-

It’s always really important to have images in your post. But it’s also important not to have TOO many! If you have more than 15+ pictures, go through the post and see which ones you really need. If some of the images are unimportant, consider deleting them! But if you don’t want to take away any photos, just warn your readers that there are a lot of pictures in that post.


-And Don’t Use Too Few, Either-

But make sure you don’t use too few photos, either! If you have a post heavy with text, it’s easier on the eyes to include some images. So how many pictures should I include in a post?  It depends on the length of the post, but four to eight is usually a good amount. IMG_0221.jpg

-Don’t Tag Posts With Irrelevant Tags-

Tagging posts is so much fun, am I right?! But before you hit the publish button and share your post with the world, make sure the tags you use in your posts are relevant. Also, make sure the tags are common, frequently used tags so that people are more likely to find your post. Don’t use too many!


-Don’t Over-Promote Your Blog-

Okay, for this last one, you’re probably shaking your head. It’s so important to get your blog out there–Pinning every post, putting it on social media, commenting on other blogs–but, remember, everything in moderation.

I once followed a blogger that pinned the same post from her blog over and over and over on Pinterest. She did this so that it would get more views, because the more you pin something, the more chances for it to get views. But that got annoying pretty quickly, as you can guess. If you re-pin your posts or share your posts over and over, you could lose followers. Tread carefully, my friends.

Were these tips helpful? Is there anything else that you think you should never do as a blogger? Let me know in the comments, and we’ll help each other out! Have a marvelous weekend.



56 thoughts on “5 Things Not To Do As A Blogger

  1. These were some really helpful tips and so true! Especially love the first one, when I first started out I wanted to post every day but the quality just wasn’t there. Cutting down to once or twice a week has really helped me improve the quality of each post and I actually love everything that I put up now.

    Thanks for the tips lovely!
    Laura xo

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    1. Thanks! (And uh oh, is the font that you use the same one? I saw it and thought it was really pretty, but I was afraid it would be too similar to yours–I didn’t know it was the same, lol. I can change it if you want!)

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      1. Oh, no, you’re fine! I use a different font, although I do use Bromello sometimes too. And anyways, you can ALWAYS use ANY font! Fonts are meant to be used, and don’t worry if someone else is using it! 😉 ❤


  2. Great tips. I think the hardest one to implement is not overloading your social media pages with blog publicity. It’s a difficult line to draw! xx

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  3. Those are great tips! And I get what you mean about irrelevant tags. I can never decide which tags to use, though …


  4. I definitely agree about the photos. A lot of the time people will get very eager about their blog, deciding to share as many snapshots as possible although readers can tend to get bored easily whilst scrolling through them! Less is more!


  5. I like the photos that you used for this post; I am guilty of using irrelevant tags but it’s only because I feel that in those tags represent a demographic that I would like to appeal to ( even though the subject may not be there). For me, as a blogger, I would just say do not spam people with “spam-like” comments that are completely irrelevant or simply a cookie-cutter comment to whatever that blogger has posted.

    ~ Bre

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    1. I agree, spamming comments isn’t okay!! Thank you so much, so glad you enjoyed! I spend a lot of time on my photos making sure they look good, so I’m glad to hear my hard work payed off. Thanks for stopping by and reading!

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