My Favorite Makeup Products | Collab With Alicia Parry

Hello, hello! Happy Monday!

In today’s post, I’m going to be sharing with you my favorite makeup products for eyes, lips, and face. I’m doing this as a collab with the amazing Alicia Parry–be sure to check out her blog, because her photos are drop-dead gorgeous, and her posts are so interesting! Alicia is sharing her favorite beauty products, and you don’t wanna miss that!



I don’t put on a lot of makeup, so I don’t splurge on expensive brand makeup. (I do, however, spend big bucks on my hair). So, most of my makeup is drugstore makeup, and it works just as well for me!

I recently tried out a new mascara called Flower, but I wasn’t crazy about it, and I came back to my good ‘ol Maybelline Great Lash. This mascara is a classic, and it’s easy to see why–it gets the job done, works well, and doesn’t clump. It’s a must-have in every makeup bag!


Isn’t this palette gorgeous?! For eyeshadow, I use the Need it Nude palette from E.L.F. I’ve talked about this in the past, but I can’t seem to stop sharing it. The palette has all your basic eyeshadow colors, it applies easily, and it lasts the whole day. What more could a girl want?



Because of my blemish-prone skin, I can’t wear a lot on my face. I don’t prime or contour my face, I just wear foundation. I don’t think anyone notices the difference, anyway! For foundation, on special occasions, I use the E.L.F. foundation in the color Beige. I love this foundation, and when I run out, I’ll definitely buy more! When I’m not going out in public, I put on the Erase Paste from Benefit. It truly does a fantastic job of hiding my pores and smoothing out my face.

To blend the Erase Paste and foundation, I use this beauty blender. The handle makes blending much easier, plus it’s more sanitary, because my fingers aren’t directly touching the blender. Win-win.



For my lips, I love using chapstick and the NYX Butter Gloss in the shade Angel Food Cake. I have quite a few lip glosses, but I prefer the NYX one above them all, because the gloss isn’t runny, and it smells like heaven.

Before you leave, check out Alicia’s post & blog! Thank you for stopping by! Do you have any favorite products? Have a great day!



25 thoughts on “My Favorite Makeup Products | Collab With Alicia Parry

  1. Great post! I loved all the pictures. I don’t know why, but I always find it interesting to see what other people do with makeup. I really enjoy wearing it myself (although most the time I just dab on some mascara and a little cover-up and call it a day). 😀

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  2. I started laughing whenever I saw Maybelline Great Lash because that’s the one all of my friends use and are constantly raving over…. Also I totally feel you with blemishes…. like every single time I wear foundation that’s more than just a thin layer I break out 😥 And my final complaint about my face is that I have to wear brown-based makeup because of my coloring so all of the pretty bright colors I want to wear, make me look like a clown 😦 (Great post by the way!)

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    1. Well, it’s a classic and deserves the hype! and I’m glad I’m not alone–foundation isn’t friends with my skin. And aww, I’m sorry to hear that! I’m the opposite–I can’t wear brown-based makeup because it looks too bold against my skin. Thanks for reading, Amelie!

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