Revlon Nail Polish Review

Heyo! Welcome back to another post.

It just occurred to me that I’ve been using Revlon nail polish for a while, and I’ve been building up my collection–yet I haven’t done a review on them. So, today, I’m going to be sharing with you my thoughts on this nail polish.

Let’s get into it!


First things first, just look at these nail polish bottles! I am obsessed with their packaging. It’s sleek and shiny, and honestly, it’s really pretty to display in my room compared to other nail polish bottles. I also really like how the nail polish brush has a long cap so it’s easier to hold. A lot of nail polish bottles have really small nail polish brushes, so it’s harder to grip.


These are the shades I have so far. I hope that over time I’ll be able to grow my collection even more! The shades I have, from left to right, are Diamond Texture, Graffiti, Coy, Bewitching, and Socialite. I couldn’t find some of the shades online, so I gave the links to colors that are similar.



  • Pretty inexpensive
  • Has gorgeous packaging
  • Has a long nail polish brush, so painting your nails is a lot easier
  • Has a large variety of colors


  • It only lasts about three or four days before chipping
  • It takes a while to dry
  • For some reason, little dots (they kind of looked like small bubbles) were appearing on the nail polish and it made my nails look like they have acne. Which, as you can guess, isn’t pretty! Maybe I just need to use a top coat & base coat.


Would I buy more? Yes, I would. I really love Revlon nail polish, mostly because of their huge variety.

Well, that’s a wrap! Thank you for reading, and I’ll catch you all in the next post.

What is your favorite nail polish brand?



31 thoughts on “Revlon Nail Polish Review

  1. They are so pretty! I think my favorite nail polish brand is Ice or Essie. They work well and stay on for a long time. But they are very expensive, which means I can’t get them very often.

    ❤ Pip

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    1. Thank you for reading + commenting! Ooh, I really love Essie. It’s super high quality, but I agree, it’s quite expensive for nail polish. I haven’t tried Ice, I’ll look it up! ❤


  2. I should paint my nails more often. I have a lot of nail polish (I don’t know what kind, but it takes up a whole shelf in my bathroom) and I never use it! I should just do it …

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  3. I don’t paint my nails at all, but sometimes I see something online, and it makes me want to get my nails done! They’re so pretty, though I HATE the smell of it. My mom can’t stand that smell, nor all the chemicals in the polish, so we get odor-low (is that a word??? XD ) and chemical-free (the least chemicals you could get, anyways) nail polish. For my sister. 😛

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    1. Yeah, nail polish fumes smell pretty awful. And there are so many chemicals! I really should buy a brand that doesn’t have a ton of chemicals because they’re so bad for you.

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  4. My absolute favorite brand is OPI, but I don’t mind changing it up every now and then with Salon Perfect, Essie, or Revlon. I enjoyed reading your post btw! 🙂

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