coconut oil & brown sugar exfoliating scrub

Heyo & welcome back to another post!

I was scrolling through Pinterest the other day and saw a coconut oil & brown sugar scrub. It looked cool, and I had the ingredients needed to make it, so I whipped it up really quick and, holy whoa, I love it! For the past year, I’ve only been using natural products on my face: essential oils, soft cleansers, etc. So, that’s why I love this mask–it only has two ingredients!

We all know what coconut oil is, and we all know how amazing it is for your skin, so enough chit-chat, let’s just talk about the results!


So, since this is a really gentle scrub, I’ve been using it every night. I’m always so excited to wash my face because it seriously feels so good–every night is pamper night! I splash water on my face, exfoliate with the scrub, then cleanse my skin, apply essential oils with a carrier oil, and moisturize. (Boom. You’re welcome.)


Is my acne gone? No, of course not. Blemishes don’t disappear after a week. If they do, what are you using?! However, I have seen and felt a change in my skin. My skin feels smoother and cleaner whenever I use this scrub, and I feel like it’s really helping my skin. I’m excited to see the results after using it for a few months. Baby steps, guys.


But this mask is not just for blemishes! It helps to make your skin glow and feel oh-so-soft. And it’s just for your face. Feel free to exfoliate your lips, hands, and feet for smooth skin!

All you do is mix equal amounts of coconut oil and brown sugar. And that’s it! Hello, fresh skin.



28 thoughts on “coconut oil & brown sugar exfoliating scrub

  1. I am a fan of these kind of scrubs that you can make at home and they do work so beautifully. An excellent remedy for acne (again the fantastic pinterest at our rescue) is a paste made from nutmeg, cinnamon, lemon juice and honey. x

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    1. Haha–you can always rely on pinterest! Ooh, I’ve done that mask in the past and absolutely loved it. I need to get more honey and do that again because it actually worked really well, though it did burn my face for the first few minutes.

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  2. Cool post. I have some coconut oil and brown sugar laying around the the house with no purpose (I think), so I might try this 😊


  3. I made a coffee, coconut oil and honey scrub and it was similarly satisfying. I haven’t tried coconut oil and brown sugar but I shall. I have tried an olive oil, honey, lemon juice and sugar scrub, which is also just beautiful.
    Thanks for the new scrub idea, next face scrub I will be making.

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