five photography struggles //

Whether you’re a professional photographer or you just love taking pictures as a hobby, you’re definitely going to agree with these five photography struggles! Let’s get into the struggles.

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1 // finding models

If you’re a professional photographer, you probably don’t have to deal with this, since you can hire models to be a part of your photoshoot. But if you’re just practicing photography and can’t afford a model, it’s really hard to find someone! A lot of people say, “I can’t be a model, I’m really bad at posing” or, “I get too flustered when I’m in front of the camera.” It’s really hard to find someone that’s actually willing to model for you and look natural behind the camera!

Of course, you can always take pictures of landscapes and flowers and whatnot, but there’s something about taking pictures of people that I find to be really fun!

2 // checking the photo before uploading

You take a picture, and check how it looks on the camera screen. It’s beautiful! The photo is perfectly focused, the lighting is balanced, and the model has a good expression. But then, you upload the picture to the computer…and, of course, it’s awful. The model’s eyes are actually closed, there’s a shadow over her face, and it’s blurry.

This happens to me all the time. 

3 // the camera battery

I almost always check to make sure the camera battery is charged, but there are countless times when I’m taking pictures and the battery unexpectedly dies! This is so frustrating, especially when you’ve just begun shooting.

4 // bad lighting or weather

Oh, weather. How you ruin my plans.

I cannot tell you how many times I’ve been excited to take pictures, but I wake up and…the weather is awful. Either the sun is behind a cloud, it’s raining, it’s too bright outside…I feel like the weather is never in my favor!

5 // things getting in the shot

I can’t tell you how many times this has happened to me. The picture will look fine on the camera screen, but when I upload it to my computer, lo and behold…someone is walking in the background. My hair is hanging over the lens. There’s a crooked, ugly tree branch right next to my model.

I know you can always edit pictures, but this is so frustrating to me!

There you have it for today’s post! As always, thanks for stopping by.

Until next time!




39 thoughts on “five photography struggles //

  1. OMG GIRL TAKE PICTURES OF ME PLEASE. I always wanted to take an artsy picture for Instagram but no one knows how to take decent pictures and it always ends up blurry or I look too bad in it (probs because I do look bad in general lol) but yeah so I’m always the one to take pictures of other people.

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  2. Okay I can 100% relate to all of these! It’s especially bad if I have a very clear idea of what I want the picture to look like in my head but the outcome doesn’t live up to the expectations lol. Loved this post xox

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  3. I just started my blog and with that comes taking great photos to draw people in. I have never done much photography before but what I have done I completely agree with all of these! The models part especially! People are the best subjects… if you find people willing to actually do it!

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