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Every now and then, I do reviews on products. Most of the time, the products I review are things I have purchased myself, however, if a company sends me a product to review, I will be sure to state that in the post. I always give my honest opinion.

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All content is written by me, unless stated otherwise (for example, I have had a few guest posts on my site). All images are mine, unless stated otherwise (if the image is not my own, I will always give credit to the source of the photo). If I post a recipe, I will always give a link to the original source of the recipe.


I love to post photography posts, but I ask that you would refrain from stealing the images or using them for your website, profile picture, logo, etc. Stealing is stealing, no matter what way you do it. I’ve worked hard to edit & take the photos, so please do not take them.

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