10 Things About Sewing That I Learned The Hard Way


I’ve learned from my mistakes this past year of sewing, and I wish I knew some of the stuff I know now. Here are my tips.

1. Make sure you have enough fabric for your project. 

Sometimes I’m so caught up in sewing something that I forget to check how much fabric I need. This has happened to me a million times, and it’s frustrating!

2.  Clean your machine often.

Need I say more? Check out this link where I am reminded painfully of this.

3. When cutting a pattern, make sure you have cut all the pieces before you throw away the scraps.

Last year, I was sewing a dress, and I cut all the pieces without checking for the back bodice piece. It either didn’t come in the pattern package, or I threw it out, but it caused a lot of trauma and stress. Eventually, I drafted my own pattern with my mom.


This was the dress I made–it’s hard to tell that I drafted my own back bodice pattern.

4. When buying fabric at a store, be sure to check how much the fabric is per yard.

I think everybody knows this, but once I get to the checkout counter, it’s shocking how much fabric supplies I buy! Just walking into Joann’s instantly makes me want to buy stuff.

5. When buying fabric, have an idea of what you’re actually going to do with it.

This is similar to the 4th and 1st tip. I always buy fabric and don’t actually have an idea of what to do with it. Then when I wan to make something out of it, I either don’t have enough or it’s the wrong type of fabric, etc.

6. Remember to change out your needle for the right fabric.

I’m always so lazy about this, and the other day I was sewing really thick fabric with the standard needle. And what do you think happened? The needle got caught when sewing, and it wouldn’t sew or come up. I eventually had to take the bobbin out, turn the machine off, and cut the fabric out until the needle finally came up bent. So I had to throw it away! You would have thought I learned my lesson, but then the next week the same thing happened!

7. Use the right stich length and tension for the right project.

I can’t tell you how many times this has happened, and again, I was lazy and didn’t change it. Oh well.


8. Don’t use a million pins.

I’m pin-crazy, and I use tons of pins when I don’t really need them. Once it’s time to sew, though, I get annoyed at having to pull out the pins.

9. Don’t sew over the pin.

Okay, so maybe this one is like the 8th tip, but it’s happened to all of us.

10. Last, but not least, read all the instructions on the pattern.

More often than not, I skim over the instructions, and it comes back to me later when I sew the wrong pieces together.

I would LOVE to hear your funny sewing stories. Either let me know in the comments or tell me here. I’ll post all the stories on the blog in the next post. Thanks!

love abigail

Runway Day

Hello Fellow Fashionistas! Happy Weekend!

Today was the runway show for the fashion program I was in at my library called Project Runway. I did it last year (check my post out here), but I feel like I’ve grown as a designer since then.

I’ve tried to keep you guys updated throughout the making of this year’s outfit, but I might not have done the best job. Here’s the 1 and 2 post of me making the outfit. Without further ado, here are the pictures!


For starters, here is the skirt. We had to create a look based on a book for the runway, so I chose The Candymakers by Wendy Mass, and the tulle skirt is supposed to look like cotton candy.


The crazy, colorful look of the cover is what really inspired the whole outfit.


And where would I be without a puffy tulle bow?


I think the mis-matching yellow and pink earrings add a really cute look.

image image

I’m so happy the runway turned out okay, and I’m so happy with the look! Have you ever been in a runway before? Would you be brave enough to go on one? Let me know in the comments!


Pop/Whimsical Design Collection


Happy Weekend, Fellow Fashionistas & Followers!

A month or so ago, I was working on a collection of designs that was super whimsical. Then they went a little pop, so I renamed the collection of drawings to Pop/Whimsical. I’ve been finished for a while now, but life got super hectic and I never had time to post the designs. You may recognize some of them from “Which Sketch Is Better.”

Speaking of “Which Sketch Is Better”, I’m not sure when I’m going to do another one. If you really want me to do one, comment below and I’ll consider it.

Anyway, moving on, here’s the collection!


1. I’m super happy with this design. The top has lots of little sequins, and the bottom has a semi-flared out skirt with ruffles and pink and gray fabric. Since this is the first design I made, it turned out completely whimsical. I wrote “Re-Invented Alice In Wonderland Dress” at the top.


2. This design is my second favorite (they’re all pretty much my favorites, but I wouldn’t admit it). I am crazy about bows in designs, and the huge bow at the top of the design makes for a super out-of-this-world pop look. The asymmetrical hem and different colored boots also add to the design’s feel. I would say it’s a bit of pop and whimsical, but maybe a pinch more pop.


3. I just had to take a closer picture of detail to show the different colors and features of this design. From far away, it looks like a dress, but up close you’ll notice it’s a top with straps going over the stomach to the skirt. I think of all the colors I used for each design, the colors I chose for this one are my favorite. The purple, gold, and blue go together more perfectly than one would think, and the bright red hem adds cute personality.


4. Before you scroll down to the next design, let me tell you, this design had potential. Honestly. It would be cute, if I hadn’t chosen the colors that I had chosen. It looks like a 70s homage with the awful purples and tacky pants–yes, you can tell I’m not a fan of this design, especially since her skin turned out super bright in the picture. However, since this piece is part of the collection, I have to show it. As for pop or whimsical–it’s neither.


5. Luckily this design didn’t come out horribly. It was a risk with the bold skirt, but I’m crazy about it, so maybe it was a good risk. However, it turned out a touch plainer then the other designs and it doesn’t really make as huge an impact on the collection as I hoped, but I’m still very happy with it.


6. This one turned out just the way I had hoped–the hair, the skirt, the neon colors–it’s the picture of pop itself, except the sequin boots-I don’t love those, but otherwise, this is just super cute.


7. The purple and orange are more subtle than the rest of the fun colors in the collection, but I like its simplicity. Overall, I am very happy with it.


8. Like the design before this one, I think this outfit is super cute, but maybe too simple. Orange is a color I normally don’t use, but I hope I pulled it off with the high waisted skirt. This design is more ready-to-wear, while some of the other designs are crazier.


9. I just LOVE this one. My only concern would be the right arm; it turned out a little thick. I ran out of pink ink for the end of the dress, so I just used purple, but I ran out of that too! I think this design is spot on–it’s a bit of both pop and whimsical, and the bow, pink hair, sequins, and mini top hat all add to the fun dress.

Which design was your favorite? Let me know in the comment box.