Sewing Machine Problems!!

Hello Fellow Fashionistas!

I noticed my machine wasn’t sewing as nicely a couple days ago, so I changed the stich length and tension, and the stiches still were super bad and the thread kept getting tangled, so I sat down today and took it apart, and look what I found:


DUST. It was clogged up with dust! I opened it up last in February, it and was clean, but I’ve sewed considerably more since then. I took 15 minutes cleaning out all the loose thread and dust. My manual didn’t say anything about oiling it, except for saying not to oil the bobbin case. I’ll have to look into that more.


Once I was done, I put back all the screws, the presser foot, and the other things I needed to take off, I threaded the machine and bobbin, and what happens when I sew? The thread gets tangled. I cleaned out the thread, and then what happpens? The stiches are tight and aren’t sewing properly. Note that the tension is fine, the stich length is at the largest setting…and it won’t sew.

I give up! I love my Brother machine, but I think it’s time for me to take a break for a week or so.

Tell me in the comments about your most frustrating sewing problems!