New Sewing Projects

I guess I have some new projects to show you! I’ve been making little things here and there while I can, but don’t get too excited, it’s nothing fancy.


I made Marckie some leggings left over from my Art Gallery Fabric top. I have to say, they look adorable but I barely had enough fabric to make them properly! He is so hard to photograph…this blurry photo that I took on the stairs was one of the only good shots! (Marck’s my brother if you didn’t know)

image 12

And…another blurry picture. Yikes. These are pajama leggings, they aren’t really for outside wear. I made them in about 15 minutes. Not my best work, but he likes them, and luckily doesn’t mind the bright “girly” colors. When I wear my Art Gallery Top, we look like matching twins.

img 16

I have a new obsession with zippered pouches and I finally figured out how to make them right.

img 15

I’m super proud of the lining! Besides the fact that on one side the sewing machines are upside down. I made the outside of the bag out of a fat quarter.

img 17

The other one has a cute lining as well. I made this one out of an upholstery fabric on the outside, so it’s sturdier.

img 14

I made some mini bunting flags for my sewing room. My mother asked for some polka dot bunting flags for the kitchen (oops forgot to photograph them!) These were really easy to make….I love making bunting flags. My first try for my brother’s room turned out pretty terrible…

image 13Lastly, I have a clay project! My friend came over and we tried making some clay pumpkins. It was our first time, but they don’t look that bad! Actually, I really like them.

Thanks for reading!

love abigail

New Dress On Mannequin!!!

Happy Sunday, Fellow Fashionistas!

I had about 10 or 9 yards of fabric that I bought somewhere to test on, and I was feeling bored, so I made a quick dress on my mannequin! I didn’t sew it (yet) and it’s covered in pins, but I’m happy with the way it turned out.


I apologize for the junky photos…

I basically let it flow naturally, since the fabric is super soft and silky. What do you think? Let me know!


Outfit of the Day: Old Navy Skirt And Top

Hello Fellow Fashionistas! I bought a lovely cheetah print skirt at Old Navy about 6 months ago, and I love it. Here’s my super simple outfit:







All photos are taken by DMWphotography.

Here’s the outfit: Old Navy skirt and top, Target boots and tights, and no clue where the bangles and ring came from…I think I picked up the bangles for 2 bucks at a garage sale last summer. There were more of them, but I lost them.

So what do you think of the outfit? Wearing short sleeves might have been cold, but it made a cute outfit! Have a good week!


Day Four: Digging in your closet

Today’s theme: digging in your closet. Find something you haven’t worn in a long time and pair it up with something unexpected. This helps you with wearing outfits and styles you wouldn’t normally wear, like eating an unusual food. I guess, in a way, you could call it “expanding your palette in fashion”. By the phrase, “digging in your closet”, I mean finding things you might not even remember even owning. Try to twist the outfit by combining another color or pattern that just goes. Think color wheel: dark pinks and light blues, powdery purples and Easter-ish yellows. Image

This was my casual church outfit. The dress and jeans are both from Old Navy and the flats are from Target. The gray dress is actually last year’s Christmas dress that I wore with a gray flower bow. Now it isn’t long enough for a dress, but it still fits as a blouse. The belt goes perfectly with the flats and adds another thing to look at, another pop of color. White, gray, and black go with everything.


Last but not least, the braid my mother did. There you have it. A perfect fall outfit with clothing I haven’t worn in a long time. Still in style.

 Anyway, if you have any vintage clothing, try that out as an outfit. Go beyond your comfort zone! I don’t mean the vintage-modern clothing they make now. I mean the good old fashioned pearls and purses.


Day Three: Floral Prints

Okay, I know I’m doing this on the same day but I have to catch up for the days I missed. Anyway, today’s theme is simple: floral. Any flower print designs. It may be in a headband, maybe it’s a scarf, a dress, as long as it has some floral prints. A floral dress would be prefect over leggings or flats. Image

This is a floral print shirt for a young girl. I have a shirt sort of like it. I like to wear it with my flats and jeans. One outfit I made up with it one day was deep dyed jeans, a floral headband, and a white and pink scarf. They are where all different shades of pink which was the thing that really made it look cool.



Why not jeans, the flower shirt, and cowgirl boots for an awesome western look? Perfect!

Day Two: Denim

First off, I am SO sorry I haven’t written for a while. I have been busy and haven’t found time to write. Anyway, today’s theme is denim. I ended up with a denim jacket, jeans, a green and purple half-shirt, and flats. Try not to overdo the denim. If you think jeans are too much denim, wear leggings instead. Try to balance things out evenly.


My mom this shirt from Old Navy.  It goes with EVERYTHING, and she’s worn it lots of times in many ways. She’s tied it up and worn it over a maxi dress, she wore it with a belt and jeans, and today she’s wearing it under an over-large sweater.


These are black flats I have. They are from Target. Flats are a MUST HAVE, and they go perfectly with a pretty blouse and belt with leggings or jeans.


Last but not least, a denim jacket from Children’s Place. Once again, something needed in your closet.

Day One

Today is quick and easy, just observe your outfit and take notes

 Do you see any scarves? High boots? Skinny jeans? If not, you might want to purchase some. An easy outfit for fall might be an over large warm, fuzzy sweater, plain jeans, tall boots, and a scarf. Try something involving a scarf, as they are simple but so elegant. Any color, but look for fall colors, like deep reds, oranges, light browns, and yellows, think leaf colors. If you want more clever ways to tie it, look at my other recent post about scarves.  You might be thinking I over-use scarves, but they are the easiest accessories, just put it on and go, plus, they complete the fall outfit.

    Make the outfit simple, with maybe a dark shirt and light scarf, or other way around. Choose a simple scarf with two blended colors or one light or dark color. One outfit I came up with is a white tank and button up lacey white sweater, with jeans or leggings, a white and light brown sweater, tall brown boots, and to top it off, silver earrings.

   For a finale touch, maybe wear some sort of hat, like a fall-ish beanie or newsboy hat. You’re lookin’ good!  Happy Fall! 

“Fashion Camp”

I thought it would be cool to do a weeklong fashion camp, per-say.  It lasts a week, and it’s on this blog, and it would be for you (and me, in a way), to experience more through fashion. When you read this everyday, you will have easy “homework”, if you will.

   It’s also about clearing out your closet and finding new things to try stuff with. I highly recommend keeping paper and pencil near by to record what is missing and needed in the closet.

    Every day there will be a certain theme. One day might be green. Take EVERYTHING that is green out of your closet and set it down somewhere. The main point of this is to help pick an all green outfit, but choose different shades of green so that it isn’t too boring. Then choose one color accessory, piece of jewelry, anything, that is a different burst of color to help the outfit come alive.

    Hope you come back for more!


Scarves go with everything–especially jeans and flats. There are many different ways to tie them…..

-Using a thin scarf, wear it like a headband and tie it behind your ears.

-Tie or wrap a very small scarf around the handle of your purse.

-Using a small and thin scarf, wear it like a belt on your jeans. I tried this with a very sparkly rhinestone scarf. It was very glittery and brightened the outfit.

-Or, you can just wear the scarf with a simple white shirt or a plain dress and it will puff up the outfit and give something else for people to look at.

My making of my new shirt

So, one day in homeschool, we thought it would be fun to try and sew something. Our first idea was a shirt. We got a pattern, and some fabric, and just today we starting ironing, and cutting out the fabric. We won’t get to sewing today, but we accomplished a lot. We chose a sturdy, light pink and white striped fabric. It will need a tank top under it, though. Anyway, the shirt’s eye-catcher are the sleeves. The sleeves are oversized, really long. The outfit was supposed to have a scarf, but we decided not to do that. Too much work for a beginner. We listened to music as we worked. It was fun spending time with my mom.