New Sewing Projects

I guess I have some new projects to show you! I’ve been making little things here and there while I can, but don’t get too excited, it’s nothing fancy.


I made Marckie some leggings left over from my Art Gallery Fabric top. I have to say, they look adorable but I barely had enough fabric to make them properly! He is so hard to photograph…this blurry photo that I took on the stairs was one of the only good shots! (Marck’s my brother if you didn’t know)

image 12

And…another blurry picture. Yikes. These are pajama leggings, they aren’t really for outside wear. I made them in about 15 minutes. Not my best work, but he likes them, and luckily doesn’t mind the bright “girly” colors. When I wear my Art Gallery Top, we look like matching twins.

img 16

I have a new obsession with zippered pouches and I finally figured out how to make them right.

img 15

I’m super proud of the lining! Besides the fact that on one side the sewing machines are upside down. I made the outside of the bag out of a fat quarter.

img 17

The other one has a cute lining as well. I made this one out of an upholstery fabric on the outside, so it’s sturdier.

img 14

I made some mini bunting flags for my sewing room. My mother asked for some polka dot bunting flags for the kitchen (oops forgot to photograph them!) These were really easy to make….I love making bunting flags. My first try for my brother’s room turned out pretty terrible…

image 13Lastly, I have a clay project! My friend came over and we tried making some clay pumpkins. It was our first time, but they don’t look that bad! Actually, I really like them.

Thanks for reading!

love abigail

Been There, Done That…A New Skirt!

Hello everybody!

A couple weeks ago, I hit the thrift store near our area for some fabric. They always have some sort of fabric at a reasonable price, and once I found some fabric remnants from Joann’s. I sometimes get up to seven yards of fabric for a dollar fifty. Mostly it’s cotton or random fabric, but it’s really nice to experiement with. I got some fabric for fifty cents there once, but I wasn’t sure what it was. It was gray and a little bit scratchy, with a slight stretch, but it felt sort of soft too. So, I bought it and it sat in my sewing room for a little while until I thought that it would make a great skirt. LIGHTBULB!

freckledfashionista 1

So I shut myself up in my room with a movie (It was Elf. A Christmas movie, I know, but such a classic. Anybody seen it?) and told myself that I would have a skirt done by the time the movie was over. Instead of rushing myself, I took my time and took breaks once in a while to enjoy the movie. Instead of using a pattern, I just traced one of my other skirts to make it.


I have a weird expression in this picture, ignore it please!

I love this skirt because it’s really simple, the fabric is just a light gray, but I can pair it with lots of things in my wardrobe. It’s Fall officially, so maybe a skirt isn’t such a good idea, but I can always pair it with leggings. Also, the fabric is super heavy, so it keeps me warm.

freckledfashionista 5

What is with my weird expressions??

Speaking of heavy fabric, I was a little worried doing the elastic, because I thought the fabric would weigh it down. It works perfectly, though. I’m still not sure what this fabric is…so I’m dubbing it the MYSTERY FABRIC.

freckledfashionista 2

Quick story: when my mom was taking the pictures, I said “Why are you taking the picture with my face in it?” since I’m still not used to the fact that my face goes on my blog now. I guess its here to stay…

freckledfashionista 4

When I originally cut the fabric, it was knee length, but with the hemming and such, it’s a little bit above the knee. I wanted to make it longer so that I would be warmer in the chilly days to come…it’s already getting cold and I’m wearing layers!

I feel sort of mad at myself for not getting some of my summer goals happening. I really wanted to make a faux fur vest, and maybe I will one day, but I think I would need a walking foot so that the needle and everything could even go through the thick fabric.

And now is where I leave you. I really need to head over to the fabric store and get some new fabric for some new projects! I think I want to get my pajama pants over with!  And maybe then start Christmas presents…that may seem a while off, but I like starting early. Bye!!

love abigail

PS. I have some little sewing projects to blog about, including makeup bags and bunting flags! Oooh, that rhymes! Anyway, that’s coming soon…

Fall & Winter Sewing

It feels like my list of sewing grows longer and longer…how about you?

I love fall. All the apples and pie, and beautiful walks in the park with leaves everywhere. Too poetic, maybe?

For Me

Matilda Leggings by Spit Up and Stilettos


I love this leggings. I’ve seen lots of versions of them from fellow bloggers.  In the fall and winter, I basically live in leggings because they’re so easy to style and so comfortable. Plus, this is a free pattern, so what’s not to love?

Simplicity 2290



I’ve made these pajama pants before in a class, and I love this pattern. The pants are so comfy, with the right amount of baggy-ness, if you know what I mean:) Also, they’re really simple to make, they don’t require lots of stitches.

Another One Hour Top!!!


I’m a broken record, but I love this pattern so much. I need another one of these. End of story.

For Mom

Fall Leaf Coasters


I am dying at the cuteness of these coasters. Too cute. When I showed here these, she fell in love.


She also wanted some leggings! So if I make this pattern, I’ll have to make her a pair as well!

For Hannah

Apparently, according to Hannah (my 14 year old sister) I’m making her a cape with some of the black fabric in my stash. Umm, yeah. Sure, Hannah. We’ll see about that, I was planning on making a kimono out of that fabric.

For Halloween

We don’t celebrate halloween, we go to a Harvest Festival typically, but I’m going to make myself an Alice In Wonderland costume. Maybe.

I have a lot to sew! Yikes!

What are your fall sewing plans?

love abigail

Art Gallery Fabrics One Hour Top

I’m so excited about this post!! When Art Gallery Fabrics asked if I wanted to be part of their 30 days of sewing with AGF, I instantly said yes.  I knew right away what I wanted to make. A Fancy Tiger Craft one hour top! I always need more tops.


I really love this pattern, because not only is it free, but it’s so easy to whip up. I began browsing through the AGF fabrics. They have so many interesting fabric patterns, I wanted all of them! Finally I chose one from their Anna Elise collection called Tribal Sturdy Print Aura.


My eyes were drawn to the fun colors, which are perfect for fall. This top took a lot of taping and cutting (it’s a pdf) but it requires minimal sewing, and since the fabric is so smooth and easy to work with, this top is so easy to whip up! I swear, AGFs’ fabric feels like angels made it. It feels wonderful against my skin.


I made this top in an XS, but I had to make some adjustments to the sleeve length, since it was a little bit off. It still feels a little big, but it’s perfect for wearing with leggings. My mom wants to steal this shirt from me…so maybe I’ll have to make her one! Hmm, I see another top in the future. But as I told her, “You’re paying for the fabric.”


My sewing room was a bit messy when I made this. Okay, a lot messy. Construction of this pattern is pretty basic, the instructions are pretty clear, but since it’s my first time making a pdf pattern, I stumbled a little bit. I think I should have made this pattern using cardstock instead of printer paper, but it’s too late now.


The style of this top is pretty large and boxy, which I’m not sure I like, since my figure is drowning in fabric and I feel like the top is always slipping off my shoulders. But I do like that it’s pretty long, almost like a tunic. It’s perfect for wearing with leggings.


We went to the town park to take pictures. My mom took about 50, and I loved all of them and had a hard time choosing which ones to put in the post!


All in all, I really love this top. It was so easy to sew, the fabric is beautiful, and the top goes great with all my clothes.


And now is where I say goodbye. Have a great week!


Art Gallery Fabrics sponsered this post. 100% opinions are my own. 

Day Four: Digging in your closet

Today’s theme: digging in your closet. Find something you haven’t worn in a long time and pair it up with something unexpected. This helps you with wearing outfits and styles you wouldn’t normally wear, like eating an unusual food. I guess, in a way, you could call it “expanding your palette in fashion”. By the phrase, “digging in your closet”, I mean finding things you might not even remember even owning. Try to twist the outfit by combining another color or pattern that just goes. Think color wheel: dark pinks and light blues, powdery purples and Easter-ish yellows. Image

This was my casual church outfit. The dress and jeans are both from Old Navy and the flats are from Target. The gray dress is actually last year’s Christmas dress that I wore with a gray flower bow. Now it isn’t long enough for a dress, but it still fits as a blouse. The belt goes perfectly with the flats and adds another thing to look at, another pop of color. White, gray, and black go with everything.


Last but not least, the braid my mother did. There you have it. A perfect fall outfit with clothing I haven’t worn in a long time. Still in style.

 Anyway, if you have any vintage clothing, try that out as an outfit. Go beyond your comfort zone! I don’t mean the vintage-modern clothing they make now. I mean the good old fashioned pearls and purses.


Day One

Today is quick and easy, just observe your outfit and take notes

 Do you see any scarves? High boots? Skinny jeans? If not, you might want to purchase some. An easy outfit for fall might be an over large warm, fuzzy sweater, plain jeans, tall boots, and a scarf. Try something involving a scarf, as they are simple but so elegant. Any color, but look for fall colors, like deep reds, oranges, light browns, and yellows, think leaf colors. If you want more clever ways to tie it, look at my other recent post about scarves.  You might be thinking I over-use scarves, but they are the easiest accessories, just put it on and go, plus, they complete the fall outfit.

    Make the outfit simple, with maybe a dark shirt and light scarf, or other way around. Choose a simple scarf with two blended colors or one light or dark color. One outfit I came up with is a white tank and button up lacey white sweater, with jeans or leggings, a white and light brown sweater, tall brown boots, and to top it off, silver earrings.

   For a finale touch, maybe wear some sort of hat, like a fall-ish beanie or newsboy hat. You’re lookin’ good!  Happy Fall!