Thoughts on Blogging

imageWelcome to today’s post! I’ve had some thoughts on my mind that I wanted to share with you. It’s mostly just me ranting with a ton of smiley faces 🙂 but please read it.

Remember my dream of being a famous fashion designer? I’m not sure that I want to be a fashion designer anymore. It seemed like the perfect job for me when I grow up and everybody has told me that I would be a great fashion designer. But I have been having a hard time enjoying it. I sit down and stare at a piece of paper for a while. My mind wanders and I don’t come up with anything. If I come up with anything, it gets scraped in the garbage.

I don’t want to entirely quit my love of  fashion, though, so I’m putting it aside in my brain and taking a break to blog about some of my other intrests. I feel like even though I have been blogging for 3 and 1/2 years, my readers don’t know me as well as I would like.  If you are getting worried, don’t be, because I will STILL continue sewing and I will STILL continue the freckledfashionista. I will always love sewing. I’m not taking a break from my sewing posts, I’m just taking a long break from this whole fashion design thing.

Here’s my question for all of you: how would you feel if I continued blogging about sewing but introduced a new topic to the freckledfashionista? Lately I have been really interested in organic, chemical free beauty and essential oils. I’ve been doing yoga every night and it’s really helped me relax among the craziness of school. I stumbled across the youtube channel Holistic Habits, and I’ve been bingewatching the videos. So now I am asking for your thoughts. If I began posting about organic and chemical-free beauty advice, would you run away in the opposite direction? 🙂

Before I sign off for today, I want you to know some random things about me.

Sample image

  • I’m a Christian
  • My favorite color is Seafoam
  • I am kind of obsessed with donuts….
  • My favorite book is the Maze Runner
  • My middle name is Mae
  • BONUS: I wish I had a British accent

Thank you for listening to my rant 🙂 Please give me your thoughts on my new topic. Be honest though, if you don’t really want to read my organic beauty posts let me know. I value my readers so much.


One more thing before I go! This is long overdue, but better late then never. I would like to thank all of you for voting for me in the sewing contest a couple months ago. I especially want to thank Thimberlina for posting it on her blog. I came in third place, but I doubt I could have got there without all of you. You know who you are 🙂 I don’t view you as readers and followers of my blog, I view you as my friends. The WordPress sewing community is so amazing. Thank you again.

Floral Kimono


I am so excited for today’s post. I actually sewed this a couple months ago, but I’m lazy and forgot to upload it. As you can probably guess….I made a kimono! Kimonos were really on trend last year. I really wanted one, even when they weren’t “in, but when I saw this silky fabric on sale at Joann’s, I grabbed two yards.

image-3 edited

Let’s ignore the fact that this is an odd facial expression.

Ok, so let’s start at the beginning. Sewing this baby. IT WAS REALLY HARD. Let me just get that out. This fabric frays like crazy and slips around everywhere. It took a whole pincushion and ten wonder clips to keep one piece of this together. Most of sewing this kimono was hemming. There was SO much hemming. And the needle wasn’t very happy about sewing this. But it all turned out.

This fabric is gorgeous–but why is it that gorgeous fabrics are the hardest to work with?? I’ve worn this twice, and it’s ripped three times. Yikes. It rips a lot.

image-6 edited

But now for some good things. 🙂 The fabric drapes beautifully. The print really does stand out and the sleeves fall perfectly. Also, the fabric is really light and blows perfectly in the breeze.

image edited.jpg

This odd photo was just to show the print of the fabric. The more I look at the fabric, the more I love it.You probably have noticed that some parts are unhemmed. I didn’t use a pattern, I just kinda winged it, but the length turned out odd. I didn’t hem the back and the part at the neck because of that.

I had a lot of fun taking these photos. Enjoy! 🙂


image-7 edited.jpg

image-11 edited.jpg

image-5 edited

My nose ALWAYS manages to end up in the neck-down pictures. Sorry about that. 🙂


Aah! I love this! The kimono really stands out.

image-2 edited

This is another one of my favorite photos.


I was trying to show how big the sleeves are.

Here are the things I would change:

  • I really want to change the length. I’ve said this earlier, but I just feel like the length should be longer.
  • This curve (below). It drives me insane! Instead of flowing out, when I wear the kimono, it swerves out and then back to where it’s sewn on to the back piece; it doesn’t go in front of me. I made some lines below where I wish it went out to.


Well, there you have it! My kimono! Please leave a comment and let me know what you think. Let me leave you with my last photo:

image-10 edited

This photo is my favorite–I’m not even sure why, I just love it. And I love my followers. And my kimono. Obviously.

Thank you so much for stopping by! 🙂 Until my next post,





Hello, my sewing friends! I hope you like the photos above. The first is of my Art Gallery Top (obviously :P) and the other is a little flashback photo of when I was eight. Or maybe seven. The years fly by.

I have changed my blog so much over the almost four years that I’ve been blogging. I change it all the time, actually, so that it always looks fresh. Well, I changed it again, and if you read this in WordPress Reader,why not head over to my blog page and have a peek? Be sure to scroll all the way to the end of the page. 🙂 Thank you if you checked it out! Please give me some feedback if you liked it.

I can’t wait for my next post, it’s taking me awhile, but it has to do with a silky, flowery fabric in honor of spring…


P.S. Yes, I did use some new images (the arrow background, the arrow, the watercolor flower), but I assure you that I did not just copy and paste someone’s work. I found these photos on a website that gives free blog art for everyone to use. I just thought I would mention that. 🙂

P.P.S. If you are viewing my blog on a tablet such as the iPad, it looks a little different. I checked it on my iPad and the cropping seems off. If you have access to a computer, it probably looks best on that. Thanks!!


Hello, my fellow seamstresses and crafters!

The freckledfashionista is celebrating over 10,000 views and I wanted to celebrate with a giveaway. I reached out to my favorite fabric company, Fabricworm, and today they are sponsoring a $25 dollar e-gift card to their site. If you are looking for a high quality cut of fabric for your quilting and craft projects, this is the place to go.  Thank you Fabricworm!


This giveaway is open to everyone all over the world! So what are you waiting for? Enter here! Good luck!


This giveaway is sponsored 100% by Fabricworm. 

3 Pillows And A Dog

Oh, hi! It feels like forever since I’ve last posted. I’m excited about the upcoming posts (two new apparel things to show you AND a blanket!) but today, I have an equally exciting post! Over Christmas break, I sewed my bed some new throw pillows.


Allow me to introduce to the first–a hashtag pillow cover. I sewed it using my new flannel and pillow cover. I wanted a simple, modern throw pillow and a hashtag seemed perfect.


I made the cover using the envelope method. It looks pretty good if I do say so myself. The two flaps didn’t meet, which is a little disappointing, considering I measured it over and over. But oh well, we learn from our mistakes. Cute, right?


Actually, I wasn’t going to post about this, but eventually I decided to. It’s a panda! A couple things turned out wrong, so it looks like a bear. Once I added the tulle bow, it looked a little better.


And lastly, my favorite pillow. A donut! I used a tutorial online, it was very easy and took me only an hour to sew. I have gotten SO many compliments from friends and family on this. Donuts are probably my favorite dessert, and when I saw a tutorial for this on YouTube I knew that I needed it. The brown flannel/fleece was a remnant from Joann’s, and I received the white flannel and sprinkle colored fabric for Christmas.


My dog likes it too! This is Charlie, he’s a mix between a cocker spaniel and a poodle. When I carried him upstairs, he wasn’t too happy, especially when I started taking pictures.


His eyes were closed, but this picture was so cute, I had to put it up. Is it a donut or a sombrero?


Doesn’t it look so lovely? After learning how to sew and crochet, decorating my bedroom has been easier than ever. I’ve sewn and crocheted hearts, bunting flags, pillows, blankets, etc.


I’ll leave you with this picture. A girl plus her dog equals true love!

Sample image.png

P.S. If you would like a tutorial to any of the pillows above, drop a comment and maybe I’ll do one:D

New Sewing Projects

I guess I have some new projects to show you! I’ve been making little things here and there while I can, but don’t get too excited, it’s nothing fancy.


I made Marckie some leggings left over from my Art Gallery Fabric top. I have to say, they look adorable but I barely had enough fabric to make them properly! He is so hard to photograph…this blurry photo that I took on the stairs was one of the only good shots! (Marck’s my brother if you didn’t know)

image 12

And…another blurry picture. Yikes. These are pajama leggings, they aren’t really for outside wear. I made them in about 15 minutes. Not my best work, but he likes them, and luckily doesn’t mind the bright “girly” colors. When I wear my Art Gallery Top, we look like matching twins.

img 16

I have a new obsession with zippered pouches and I finally figured out how to make them right.

img 15

I’m super proud of the lining! Besides the fact that on one side the sewing machines are upside down. I made the outside of the bag out of a fat quarter.

img 17

The other one has a cute lining as well. I made this one out of an upholstery fabric on the outside, so it’s sturdier.

img 14

I made some mini bunting flags for my sewing room. My mother asked for some polka dot bunting flags for the kitchen (oops forgot to photograph them!) These were really easy to make….I love making bunting flags. My first try for my brother’s room turned out pretty terrible…

image 13Lastly, I have a clay project! My friend came over and we tried making some clay pumpkins. It was our first time, but they don’t look that bad! Actually, I really like them.

Thanks for reading!

love abigail

Fall & Winter Sewing

It feels like my list of sewing grows longer and longer…how about you?

I love fall. All the apples and pie, and beautiful walks in the park with leaves everywhere. Too poetic, maybe?

For Me

Matilda Leggings by Spit Up and Stilettos


I love this leggings. I’ve seen lots of versions of them from fellow bloggers.  In the fall and winter, I basically live in leggings because they’re so easy to style and so comfortable. Plus, this is a free pattern, so what’s not to love?

Simplicity 2290



I’ve made these pajama pants before in a class, and I love this pattern. The pants are so comfy, with the right amount of baggy-ness, if you know what I mean:) Also, they’re really simple to make, they don’t require lots of stitches.

Another One Hour Top!!!


I’m a broken record, but I love this pattern so much. I need another one of these. End of story.

For Mom

Fall Leaf Coasters


I am dying at the cuteness of these coasters. Too cute. When I showed here these, she fell in love.


She also wanted some leggings! So if I make this pattern, I’ll have to make her a pair as well!

For Hannah

Apparently, according to Hannah (my 14 year old sister) I’m making her a cape with some of the black fabric in my stash. Umm, yeah. Sure, Hannah. We’ll see about that, I was planning on making a kimono out of that fabric.

For Halloween

We don’t celebrate halloween, we go to a Harvest Festival typically, but I’m going to make myself an Alice In Wonderland costume. Maybe.

I have a lot to sew! Yikes!

What are your fall sewing plans?

love abigail

I’m 12!

Hello everybody,

Yesterday was my birthday, and now I’m 12! My parents gave me the choice this year to either go shopping, or have a birthday party. I wanted to go shopping, so we went yesterday to two malls. Not one, but two, which meant a lot of shopping. We shopped for about 5 hours! And I wanted to show you what I got.

Note: I’m not trying to brag in any way. I very thankful for being so blessed.


Tons of stuff, my arms hurt by the end!


I love Sephora, and I always go and try on makeup (there’s a huge store in the mall), but finally I bought something! It’s a green tea mask, and it looks super cool. I can’t wait to try it.


I also got three yards of muslin from Joann’s. I always need muslin, because I’m constantly trying new patterns.


This shoes caused me lots of work! It was the last thing I bought, and it was almost 7:00, and my mother and I were so tired, and our feet hurt, and we were holding tons of bags…you get the picture😀 But we were on a misson! I wanted fashion boots! It seems like we looked everywhere…


Old Navy was one of the first stores we went to–in one of the malls. Mind you, we went to two malls!! I had already gone to Old Navy sometime in late july and I bought a lot of stuff there, so I didn’t get a lot on this trip, but I found some cute jeans and even cuter socks. I have an obsession with adorable socks.


From Aeropostale, I got a cute peasant top–this top is so warm and so lightweight, so it feels wonderful on my skin.


I got a lot from Forever 21, it’s one of my favorite stores, but the lights and loud music always annoy me. I get lost in there all the time, it’s like a maze! Once my sister and mom and I split up in there, and I was on the verge of tears because I couldn’t find them!

I found an adorable Eiffel Tower top, and I instantly fell in love…I’ll be wearing that every day in winter. With some leggings and boots–instant outfit. And instant comfort! I also got a plaid dress that will look really nice around Christmas, but for fall I can see it with a denim jacket, and boots. I found a striped sweater that’s very chunky and  heavyweight. It will look good with leggings and boots…are you seeing a pattern here? In winter and fall, my favorite outfit consists of a sweater, leggings, and boots. 😅

I also got a cami, black leggings, and bobby pins.


Charlotte Russe was having a good sale on tight skirts, so I grabbed two. I also found a really interesting (I’m running out of adjectives!) black sweater that’s tight with a fancy (aah! What can I say??)  hem. I recently bought a chunky grey cardigan/sweater/jacket thing from them as well.


And lastly, ankle boots from Target. Wow, five hours of shopping….although, a lot of that was waiting in line, and trying on stuff. We also went out to lunch, and the driving took time too, so it was probably less then that.

We still have the presents…


I got a thread rack! Finally, my thread can be organized. And an owl cup, backpack, planner, notebook, nail polish, book, money, gift card, notebook, list-making thingy…


I’m really excited about these colored pencils.


And I can’t wait to read this book–it looks really good. But wait…that’s not all.


I also got a  beautiful comforter!!! I wanted this so badly. My dad filmed me on the camcorder when I opened it, and I ran around screaming and jumping up and down. 😀 That’s how I acted when I got the sewing machine last year.

Birthday photos:

image image image

Only 365 more days until the next birthday! And then I’ll be 13–shocker! Thank you for surviving through all these pictures!

love abigail

New designs and Thoughts On Project Runway

It’s been almost a month since I last posted. It feels good to finally be writing to a new post! I have a very big (sponsored!!) post coming up on the 21st of September, but I’m not allowed to share any details…I’m super excited about it, though! I’m working on the muslins for this project currently, and I cannot wait to show you what it is!

Oh, and guess who’s birthday is on the 26th of August? I can’t wait for that either! I’m trying to be paitent, but I’m counting down the days!

I’ve been doing a lot of designing to keep myself occupied, so I thought I would show you a couple…


The first design I’m showing you is a back to school look. They’re kind of ugly, I was just expirmenting, but I like the plaid skirt on the design on the far right.


I love this design, though! It’s a plaid trench coat with a mini dress underneath. I have a new obsession with trench coats all of the sudden, which is weird, since I don’t even own any trench coats and I would never wear one anyway.


I love this as well! It’s a jumpsuit with a faux fur vest.


Lastly, my favorite. A dress with a really long floor-length coat/cape/dress/what do you call this? Anyway, I like whatever it is. I have a poll for you now, just because I can:


Did any of you watch the new Project Runway Season 14 episode?


I never like when there’s a new season of a reality tv show, because I get to used to the characters and their personalities, so I don’t like new seasons. It’s going to take me a while to get used to new people, new challenges…it’s so weird!

I’m interested how this new season is going to play out. My favorite is Ashley, she was the one with the purple/pink-ish hair that won the challenge. Instantly, my least favorite is Marlene, because she never seems to stop talking! That’s annoying! The next episode looks interesting–they have to make clothes out of cards. It looks like this is going to be a very unconventional season! Have you seen the new season?

And now I have to close this post with another poll. I sometimes post about sewing, and sometimes designing, and I’m not sure which I’m leaning more towards.

Thank you, have a great week!

love abigail

Craft Fair & Throw Pillow

Hello Sewing and Fashion friends,

My blog has been quite boring recently, I know. I am trying to figure out a good time to get my machine fixed, but my whole month is busy. My cousin is coming over for this whole week, my birthday is coming up soon…and I’m getting my braces off! It’s been two years, I can’t wait to get them off. I’ve been getting started on tons of projects, and once my machine is fixed, I’ll lock myself in my room and sew until all my projects are finished! I did finish one project, though, with the power off…..handsewing!


(Sorry for the weird picture, I took my comfortor off the bed because it was too hot to leave it on.This is my bedroom, if you can’t guess.)

I made a pillow case and small throw pillow for my room a while ago. I started on a bigger throw pillow, but couldn’t finish it because I ran out of stuffing. That throw pillow sat in my closet for a while until I got more stuffing. Then I just sewed it shut and added some lace detail.image

Voila! A great throw pillow.


Here’s a little sneak peak on my Fancy Tiger Craft’s One Hour Top. I’ve worked so hard on it, I can’t wait to wear it! I’ve been making a list of things I’m going to make once my machine works again.

1. Faux Fur Vest

2. Union St. Tee

3. Dress (or two or three)

4. Shorts (I actually started making these!)

5. Pajama Pants

6. A kimono-ish cardigan

7. Some skirts, because you can never have too many

8. More bunting flags

Um, does that count? I’ve already started on some rounded ones.


So, basically, I want to make every kind of clothing imanginable. I just feeling like I’m disappointing/boring all of you because I haven’t posted about a REAL sewing project in a while. I’ve been hand-sewing little projects to satisfy my sewing cravings, but once my machine is fixed, it will all be better. It will get fixed at some point I assure you.

You’re probably wondering where the craft fair part comes into this. Every year, my church has a huge craft fair in October, with a bake sale and book sale, and everything you could think of. Last year I thought of getting a booth, but wasn’t sure. This year I’m considering it–my sister is trying to talk me into sharing a booth with her; she would sell crochet stuff and I would sell sewing stuff, but I just don’t know! The boothes sell up quickly, and they just started putting signs up for it, so I need to make a decision soon. I’ve already self-consciously been coming up with ideas for things to make, like throw pillows and drawstring bags and tote bags, etc. My mom came up with the idea that I could make little baby tulle skirts. Do you think I should get a booth?

Selfie of the day:


Or maybe another one:


love abigail