New designs and Thoughts On Project Runway

It’s been almost a month since I last posted. It feels good to finally be writing to a new post! I have a very big (sponsored!!) post coming up on the 21st of September, but I’m not allowed to share any details…I’m super excited about it, though! I’m working on the muslins for this project currently, and I cannot wait to show you what it is!

Oh, and guess who’s birthday is on the 26th of August? I can’t wait for that either! I’m trying to be paitent, but I’m counting down the days!

I’ve been doing a lot of designing to keep myself occupied, so I thought I would show you a couple…


The first design I’m showing you is a back to school look. They’re kind of ugly, I was just expirmenting, but I like the plaid skirt on the design on the far right.


I love this design, though! It’s a plaid trench coat with a mini dress underneath. I have a new obsession with trench coats all of the sudden, which is weird, since I don’t even own any trench coats and I would never wear one anyway.


I love this as well! It’s a jumpsuit with a faux fur vest.


Lastly, my favorite. A dress with a really long floor-length coat/cape/dress/what do you call this? Anyway, I like whatever it is. I have a poll for you now, just because I can:


Did any of you watch the new Project Runway Season 14 episode?


I never like when there’s a new season of a reality tv show, because I get to used to the characters and their personalities, so I don’t like new seasons. It’s going to take me a while to get used to new people, new challenges…it’s so weird!

I’m interested how this new season is going to play out. My favorite is Ashley, she was the one with the purple/pink-ish hair that won the challenge. Instantly, my least favorite is Marlene, because she never seems to stop talking! That’s annoying! The next episode looks interesting–they have to make clothes out of cards. It looks like this is going to be a very unconventional season! Have you seen the new season?

And now I have to close this post with another poll. I sometimes post about sewing, and sometimes designing, and I’m not sure which I’m leaning more towards.

Thank you, have a great week!

love abigail

Runway Day

Hello Fellow Fashionistas! Happy Weekend!

Today was the runway show for the fashion program I was in at my library called Project Runway. I did it last year (check my post out here), but I feel like I’ve grown as a designer since then.

I’ve tried to keep you guys updated throughout the making of this year’s outfit, but I might not have done the best job. Here’s the 1 and 2 post of me making the outfit. Without further ado, here are the pictures!


For starters, here is the skirt. We had to create a look based on a book for the runway, so I chose The Candymakers by Wendy Mass, and the tulle skirt is supposed to look like cotton candy.


The crazy, colorful look of the cover is what really inspired the whole outfit.


And where would I be without a puffy tulle bow?


I think the mis-matching yellow and pink earrings add a really cute look.

image image

I’m so happy the runway turned out okay, and I’m so happy with the look! Have you ever been in a runway before? Would you be brave enough to go on one? Let me know in the comments!


“Project Runway” part one


Hello my fellow fashionistas! It’s been such a wonderful week…the sun has been shining and some of the snow is melting in certain places. It’s giving me hope that spring might actually come!

If you checked out my post Looking Ahead On freckledfashionista, you would have read that I am participating in a fashion program at a local library called “Project Runway” for tweens and teenagers, and I’ll be taking you through the course of me making my outfit, from shopping for the supplies to sewing and the runway show. Don’t worry, it’s not the real Project Runway.

We have to sew an outfit based on a book, and the book my outfit will be based on is The Candymakers by Wendy Mass. Check out the cool cover:


It was almost impossible for me to choose a book to base my design on, since there are so many amazing books in the world. In the end, I choose The Candymakers because I can make a super funky and bright outfit that I might not make otherwise. The outfit is going to be a pink tulle skirt (I got that idea from all the cotton candy in the book) with sequins on the bottom, and a tank top with a cool pattern and lots of embellishments.

Today I went to Joann’s to get all my materials, but I forgot to bring my camera to photograph my process. Joann’s is heaven to me. The materials draw me in, and all the colors make me feel right at home. I want to start on the skirt before I even think of the tank top, so I bought the tulle, elastic, and sequins that I would need. It’s going to be a no-sew skirt using a super easy tutorial online that I found. I’m going to cut the tulle long, so it will go past my knee, as I don’t want it to look like a tutu. From the description, I’ll admit, it does sound like a tutu, but I’m hoping the length and sequins will change that. Also, the skirt is something I’ll wear often in the summer, and last year the outfit I made for Project Runway was a long white dress–something I couldn’t really wear every day.


Going into Joann’s, I knew I wanted tulle spools, instead of buying tulle by the yard, because I thought it would be cheaper and easier to cut, but tulle was 4.99 per spool. Online, the spool I wanted to get was only 1.49, and the day I checked, it wasn’t on sale. I planned to buy 7 spools so my tulle skirt wouldn’t be see-through, but that would have been roughly 35 dollars. Not something I wanted to spend on tulle, especially since I could go online and buy a tulle skirt for only 10 bucks.


I got two different shades of pink tulle, because the lighter pink was practically see through, but was the color I wanted, so the darker pink add a nice blend.The dark pink turned out almost red in the picture.

So, even though it wasn’t what I was planning on buying, I walked out of the store with lovely tulle cut by the yard (it was beautiful and a much better deal, at 99 cents per yard) and white sequins with pretty flecks of pink in them. The next meeting for Project Runway is next Wednesday, so (hopefully!) I’ll remember to bring my camera and take pictures of me assembling the skirt. I think it’s going to be really beautiful, even if I don’t have the tulle spools. Which do you think would have been better? Expensive tulle spools that are easier to cut or tulle cut by the yard at a much better deal? Comment below and let me know!


Looking Ahead On freckledfashionista


Hello my fellow fashionistas! Happy Weekend! You may or may not remember that last year I participated in a fashion program at a local library called “Project Runway”. Don’t worry, it’s not the real thing, it’s for teens.

Well, this year, I’m doing it again, and the introduction started last Friday. I’ll be taking you through the process of me making my outfit up until the runway show in May. We’ll start when I go to Joann’s to get my supplies, which should be sometime this week. Thanks for reading, and  stay tuned!


Project Runway

Today was the fashion show for a program that I’m in called Project Runway. Project Runway is held at a local liabary. The main idea of the program is to create an outfit inspired by a book. I sewed a dress inspired loosely from the book Ella Enchanted by Gail Carson Levine.
The dress took a lot of work: First I had to draw the dress on paper, then buy fabric and the other things I would need, like a pattern. Than I had to cut out the pattern, iron the pattern, wash the fabric, iron the fabric, cut out the fabric, start the long process of pinning and sewing, and then trying the dress on and hemming it. I have to thank my mother for helping me with all this. Yesterday was full of mad sewing to finish the dress.

One of the biggest problems was the side of the dress. The pattern (for some strange reason) did not include the side piece (otherwise known as the bodice) and therefore resulted in my mother taking a scrap of fabric and cutting it out to fit me.

As for my hair, I wanted a braid, maybe French or Fishtail, but my mother disagreed. Since the outfit is related to a ballroom scene in Ella Enchanted, Mom said a high bun would look best.

The actual bun was easy for the hairdresser in the sense that I have a lot of hair, and the big poufy braid bun couldn’t be made with thin hair. The result:


The braid bun (above)

A veiw of the flowers and sash (below)


The back of the dress (below)


Me sewing (below)


Me sewing (below and above)



A closer picture of the flowers and my mother sewing (above)


My nails (above)

The idea of a fashion show excitied me, but I wasn’t too sure about actually being on the “catwalk” aka different colored lightbulbs lighting a path. I hoped that I would look like a real model, but I was as stiff as a board and my legs felt like Jello. Once my turn down the catwalk was over, I enjoyed watching the other girls parading in their outfits, and it was like going to a real fashion show.

I really enjoyed Project Runway because I got to meet other kids that liked designing and sewing, and since I want to be a designer when I grow up, I was able to enjoy my passion of sewing and then modeling the outfit with others.