Fabric Haul


There is nothing better than a good old fabric haul! I want to start this posting by saying a big thank you to the Renegade Seamstress. She hosted a giveaway for a $100 gift card to Joann’s, and I won! Thank you!


The first thing that I got was some elastic, I always need to stock up on this for my projects. 🙂


I’ve dropped my scissors way too many times, and I’ve cut yarn, paper, and more with my scissors. I really needed a new pair! Joann’s was having a buy one get one free deal, so I got a pair of lefty scissors, and some thread snip scissors for small threads. Am I the only lefty here?


It was time for some new needles, so I got a couple different sizes. The 100/16 needle in the regular point needle pack is heavy-duty–I have some upholstery fabric that I can probably use with it! My ball point needles were getting a bit dull, so I got some more ballpoint needles as well.


This fabric is actually not from Joann’s! A church nearby was having a rummage sale, and I found this super fun print. The ladies there told me it was an African print, but the lady at the checkout said that it wasn’t. Oh well, it’s cute, and it looked like something that Marck would like. Maybe I’ll make him something out of it. 🙂


This fabric isn’t from Joann’s, either! The thrift store near my Hannaford has a big box of fabric that I always look through. I’m in love with this upholstery/outdoor fabric, and it’s stiff enough that it would make an awesome fabric box! And it already goes with my comfortor, which is a plus.


More upholstery fabric. It’s begging to be made into a fabric box. 🙂 Or what about a throw pillow?

nicole miller

nicole miller fabric

Onto the Joann’s fabric! I was looking through the new Nicole Miller collection at Joann’s, and I saw this gorgeous black fabric with flowers. It was on sale for $8 a yard, and was too good not to pass up. It seriously has the perfect stretch–not too stretchy, but a nice, soft stretch with a good recovery. I’m a little low on tops, so this might become a tank or a blouse.

up close blue fabric.JPG

blue fabric.JPG

This fabric instantly caught my eye in the knit section. There isn’t a lot of it, it was at the end of the bolt, so I’ll probably turn it into a short skirt, or something like that. What about a One Hour Top? I went into Joann’s with some ideas of what I wanted, but I wasn’t sure what to actually sew with fabric.

cotton eyelt

Last, but not least, 2 and 1/2 yards of eyelet cotton fabric. I am in love with this. And I know exactly what I’m sewing with it! But that’s a secret for now. 🙂 I have to sew it fast, we’re going to Cape Cod in two weeks! Maybe I’ll take some pictures with it at the beach. I’ve given away too much, haven’t I?

everything that i bought.JPG

It was a fun haul, and I only spent around $70! I still have around $30 left on the card! Joann’s was having great deals the day that I went, so I’m glad that I didn’t have to use all of the money.

What should I do with the fabric? Thanks for reading!









Hello, my sewing friends! I hope you like the photos above. The first is of my Art Gallery Top (obviously :P) and the other is a little flashback photo of when I was eight. Or maybe seven. The years fly by.

I have changed my blog so much over the almost four years that I’ve been blogging. I change it all the time, actually, so that it always looks fresh. Well, I changed it again, and if you read this in WordPress Reader,why not head over to my blog page and have a peek? Be sure to scroll all the way to the end of the page. 🙂 Thank you if you checked it out! Please give me some feedback if you liked it.

I can’t wait for my next post, it’s taking me awhile, but it has to do with a silky, flowery fabric in honor of spring…


P.S. Yes, I did use some new images (the arrow background, the arrow, the watercolor flower), but I assure you that I did not just copy and paste someone’s work. I found these photos on a website that gives free blog art for everyone to use. I just thought I would mention that. 🙂

P.P.S. If you are viewing my blog on a tablet such as the iPad, it looks a little different. I checked it on my iPad and the cropping seems off. If you have access to a computer, it probably looks best on that. Thanks!!

I’m 12!

Hello everybody,

Yesterday was my birthday, and now I’m 12! My parents gave me the choice this year to either go shopping, or have a birthday party. I wanted to go shopping, so we went yesterday to two malls. Not one, but two, which meant a lot of shopping. We shopped for about 5 hours! And I wanted to show you what I got.

Note: I’m not trying to brag in any way. I very thankful for being so blessed.


Tons of stuff, my arms hurt by the end!


I love Sephora, and I always go and try on makeup (there’s a huge store in the mall), but finally I bought something! It’s a green tea mask, and it looks super cool. I can’t wait to try it.


I also got three yards of muslin from Joann’s. I always need muslin, because I’m constantly trying new patterns.


This shoes caused me lots of work! It was the last thing I bought, and it was almost 7:00, and my mother and I were so tired, and our feet hurt, and we were holding tons of bags…you get the picture😀 But we were on a misson! I wanted fashion boots! It seems like we looked everywhere…


Old Navy was one of the first stores we went to–in one of the malls. Mind you, we went to two malls!! I had already gone to Old Navy sometime in late july and I bought a lot of stuff there, so I didn’t get a lot on this trip, but I found some cute jeans and even cuter socks. I have an obsession with adorable socks.


From Aeropostale, I got a cute peasant top–this top is so warm and so lightweight, so it feels wonderful on my skin.


I got a lot from Forever 21, it’s one of my favorite stores, but the lights and loud music always annoy me. I get lost in there all the time, it’s like a maze! Once my sister and mom and I split up in there, and I was on the verge of tears because I couldn’t find them!

I found an adorable Eiffel Tower top, and I instantly fell in love…I’ll be wearing that every day in winter. With some leggings and boots–instant outfit. And instant comfort! I also got a plaid dress that will look really nice around Christmas, but for fall I can see it with a denim jacket, and boots. I found a striped sweater that’s very chunky and  heavyweight. It will look good with leggings and boots…are you seeing a pattern here? In winter and fall, my favorite outfit consists of a sweater, leggings, and boots. 😅

I also got a cami, black leggings, and bobby pins.


Charlotte Russe was having a good sale on tight skirts, so I grabbed two. I also found a really interesting (I’m running out of adjectives!) black sweater that’s tight with a fancy (aah! What can I say??)  hem. I recently bought a chunky grey cardigan/sweater/jacket thing from them as well.


And lastly, ankle boots from Target. Wow, five hours of shopping….although, a lot of that was waiting in line, and trying on stuff. We also went out to lunch, and the driving took time too, so it was probably less then that.

We still have the presents…


I got a thread rack! Finally, my thread can be organized. And an owl cup, backpack, planner, notebook, nail polish, book, money, gift card, notebook, list-making thingy…


I’m really excited about these colored pencils.


And I can’t wait to read this book–it looks really good. But wait…that’s not all.


I also got a  beautiful comforter!!! I wanted this so badly. My dad filmed me on the camcorder when I opened it, and I ran around screaming and jumping up and down. 😀 That’s how I acted when I got the sewing machine last year.

Birthday photos:

image image image

Only 365 more days until the next birthday! And then I’ll be 13–shocker! Thank you for surviving through all these pictures!

love abigail