New Sewing Projects

I guess I have some new projects to show you! I’ve been making little things here and there while I can, but don’t get too excited, it’s nothing fancy.


I made Marckie some leggings left over from my Art Gallery Fabric top. I have to say, they look adorable but I barely had enough fabric to make them properly! He is so hard to photograph…this blurry photo that I took on the stairs was one of the only good shots! (Marck’s my brother if you didn’t know)

image 12

And…another blurry picture. Yikes. These are pajama leggings, they aren’t really for outside wear. I made them in about 15 minutes. Not my best work, but he likes them, and luckily doesn’t mind the bright “girly” colors. When I wear my Art Gallery Top, we look like matching twins.

img 16

I have a new obsession with zippered pouches and I finally figured out how to make them right.

img 15

I’m super proud of the lining! Besides the fact that on one side the sewing machines are upside down. I made the outside of the bag out of a fat quarter.

img 17

The other one has a cute lining as well. I made this one out of an upholstery fabric on the outside, so it’s sturdier.

img 14

I made some mini bunting flags for my sewing room. My mother asked for some polka dot bunting flags for the kitchen (oops forgot to photograph them!) These were really easy to make….I love making bunting flags. My first try for my brother’s room turned out pretty terrible…

image 13Lastly, I have a clay project! My friend came over and we tried making some clay pumpkins. It was our first time, but they don’t look that bad! Actually, I really like them.

Thanks for reading!

love abigail

Summer Goals

Hi Fashionistas!

For some reason, I normally don’t sew in the summer. I always want to, but by the time I’ve cut my fabric and threaded my machine, I’m sweating like crazy and wondering why I’m not outside with the rest of my family enjoying the sunshine. However, I do have some sewing projects for this summer that I want to accomplish, so maybe I’ll get those done on rainy days.

1. Sew a faux fur vest (to wear in fall and winter)

I liked the tutorial above, it was really straight foward and easy. I think a faux fur would be interesting to add to my wardrobe.

2. Sew a Mr. Dinosuar

I fell in love with H’s Handcrafts’s Mr. Dinosaur she sewed. It’s so cute…I need to make one! (Thanks so much for the idea, H!)

3. Make a couple t-shirts


I like Fancy Tiger Craft’s pattern. It’s free, for goodness sake! I’ll probably have to make it in an XS, though. Check it out here.

Well, those are my goals! Let’s hope I find time in my busy life to make these things before school starts again!

Oh, and it’s my wordpress anniversary!



Happy Birthday To Me!

love abigail